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    The Pinsir

    17 June 2019

    by , 06-18-2019 at 02:07 PM (53 Views)
    I was an old guy rotting away in a dungeon in which I had apparently been for a long, long time. This was a dungeon of Tobias Forge, the front man of the band Ghost. Even as a prisoner of his, I still loved the band. I overheard Forge say that at some hidden point, somewhere in the United States, he buried a capsule. In this capsule would be information one could use to get exclusive band merch, tickets, an exclusive EP, and perhaps even become a member of Ghost. I figured the capsule would be buried on the land on which I was imprisoned, because it was Ghost's main property. I looked out the window of the cell, and sure enough there looked like what was a recently buried hole! I bent the bars on my cell and escaped! I went outside, dug, and found the capsule. Inside was only a slip of paper with a person's name: Nick something (I don't remember the last name). I was excited because I thought this was the person I needed to contact to get the sweet Ghost stuff. At this point, I was "me" in the dream instead of the old, weak person. I walked down to a coffee shop, and a person was there with a Ghost CD I'd never seen before. I asked if he was Nick, and he said he was. He got to Forge's capsule first, left a note, and reburied the capsule. My old boss Doug was there talking with Nick, and Doug and I had a really awkward handshake; our fingers kept getting intertwined when we tried to shake hands. It took about three tries before we got a good handshake. I remember feeling pretty upset because the odds of me finding the capsule were very high, because I was right there on the property, and also the odds that some other Ghost fan was in the same area right when Forge announced the capsule's existence were extremely small.


    Second dream. Renee asked me to go to a park down the street and catch some insects to feed to our tarantula. I found what looked like two juvenile Madagascar hissing cockroaches and put them in a cup to bring home. I then had my first false awakening in years! In real life, my cell phone got a notification, and I was expecting a text from my sister-in-law. FA: I grabbed my phone to check the text, but it wasn't a text, but an email asking me if I wanted a job being park manager at the place I had just captured the roaches in my dream. I think I basically realized it was an FA right away, then woke up for real.

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