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    The Pinsir

    17 November 2010

    by , 11-18-2010 at 03:15 PM (303 Views)
    I was in some room with a bunch of people from high school, and it was loud with lots of individual conversations going on. Also, for some reason, I wasn't wearing a shirt. I flexed my abs, then went up to the bathroom. When I started walking, the room went silent because everyone was staring at me, and I knew it was because my back was turned to them and they could see how muscular I've gotten since then. Also, I knew they were staring at the tattoo on my back. I walked into the bathroom, and that's all I remember for this one.

    For the next one I remember, I was in French class, and the teacher had the lyrics to "Heat of the Moment" by Asia on the board, but in French, and we had to translate them to English. I was thinking that would be a piece of cake, since I know all the words by heart anyway. First, she called some little black girl to the board, and she actually had to translate the first verse. Then, for the second verse, she called up some middle-aged woman who looked like Ms. Osterly to the board. Only this time, there was a drum set by the board. She started playing the hell out of the drums while singing the second verse, not even bothering to try to translate because she already knew the words. I raised my hand for the third verse. When I got to the board, for some reason, I couldn't remember the words for the life of me. It was kind of embarrassing, cause everyone in my French class knows I'm a classic rock guy. So I turned to the board to try to translate them, but of course, it was fuzzy and incoherent. Then it turned out I was on a game show being hosted by Nick Cannon, and I lost a crap load of money cause I couldn't remember the lyrics...

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