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    The Pinsir

    4 December 2010

    by , 12-04-2010 at 09:33 PM (459 Views)
    I was the new coach of a pee-wee football team. I was going over the kick off with the boys and girls, and lined them up all on the 20 yard line. Then I set up a practice kick off return team, and tried to explain to them what blocking was and how to do it. Then, a short, fat, black girl said something like "we're black! we know how to block!" So I said ok. Then I went back to the kick off team and found one of the the biggest boys on the team and told him he was the kicker. Then, Coach Jenkins was there and I asked him if little leagues kicked off from the 20, and he said they do. So, the kid kicked off, and the ball flew high and in a spiral, but had enough distance to reach the kick off return team. Some kid caught it, and had a few good blocks and had a decent return. That's all I remember.

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    1. The Pinsir's Avatar
      Was actually 3 December...