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    The Pinsir

    5 February 2012

    by , 02-06-2012 at 08:34 PM (273 Views)
    Bryce and I were in an underground, MASSIVE spider web, tangled in enormous tree roots. It wasn't just one spider, but HUNDREDS. I tried to find a way out that would offer the least number of spiders in the path because I didn't know if they were venomous. As I tried to walk/craw throgh the dirt, the webs got tighter, especially around my mouth/nose. Breathing became difficult for both of us. I found out that I could wiggle my fingers without the web closing tighter around them, so I wiggled my fingers around my mouth to clear away some webbing so I could breathe and talk, and I told Bryce to do the same. We started clawing through the webs and roots, ignoring the potntially venomous spiders; if they bit us we MIGHT die. If we stay, we WILL. We eventually clawed past the webs, and up through the dirt to the surface! We emerged at the top of Kami's Lookout! But King Kai was there, and told us it was our own faults we almost died. He said that we were on Kami's Lookout, but tried to keep going. However, Kami's Lookout was the edge of reality, and to try to push further only threw one underground with the spiders. Oh, and I was Piccollo while King Kai was explaining stuff to us....

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