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    The Pinsir

    It's been a LONG time

    by , 04-02-2013 at 03:40 PM (182 Views)
    I usually either don't remember my dreams, or I neglect recording them. But last night's dream was AMAZING!

    I'm at school, and see a shooting star, which is cool. Then I realize it
    Actually hit the ground near campus, so I decide to go search for it. Then, I notice shooting stars all over the sky. But they're huge, and landing all over campus! So people are running around everywhere screaming, trying not to get hit. It was actually kind of easy to dodge them! Well, I went into a ditch and hid in the pipe, cause there was concrete over it. Then a bunch of other people wanted in, so I had to keep scooting further back in the "tunnel".
    Then, it was the next morning, and I realized the space rocks had crude drawings on them. They were messages from aliens!
    Then government vans started showing up all over campus and covering the car-sized stones with tents. I regretted not getting a pic with my cell. Then, some bitchy government woman round up a bunch of us students and forced us to watch a cheesy PSA video about the importance of obeying your government. They were trying to keep this from getting out! They forced us to sign an oath of secrecy, saying we could be killed if we told anyone about the symbols. I was pondering how I could leak the information to the world; this was obviously HUGE!!
    I noticed students, braver than me, sneaking under the tents to take pictures of the alien messages. And they weren't getting caught! I figured I'd stay out of trouble for now, but REALLY wanted to figure out a way to defy the system without risking my life.
    That night, a couple of semi trucks full of college-age kids showed up and stormed the government tents! Some were beaten and arrested, and some made it to the tents and uncovered the space rock! I wanted to help. I wasn't afraid of police brutality, but rather obtaining a criminal record and screwing up my future. Then I though of MLK jr and if I'm not willing to be arrested life everyone else, then I'm a coward. I asked one of the guys what the penalty was; one said a year, another said life. I said screw it, went and took a picture of the alien runes, and ran off.
    That's all I remember. It was cool as hell!

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