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    Memorable Dreams

    1. 4 December 2010

      by , 12-05-2010 at 03:38 PM
      I was some squire-type person in what appeared to be a viking village. Then a dwarf in a ninja-like mask came and started killing everybody. He killed some older man who was standing next to me with a small blade in the neck. The he looked at me, and decided not to kill me, I think because I was too young. I then proceeded to kiss his ass in fear that he might change his mind and kill me. I kept saying stuff like "let me join you" and "allow me to train under you" and stuff. I then asked if I could hold his shield. He said "probably not" in a Scottish accent and handed me his shield. It was HUGE, triangular, and black. I could barely get it off the ground, but the Dwarf seemed impressed that I could even do that. He then manhandled the shield into the ground and stood behind it because he was so short. He told me you weren't actually supposed to hold it up. Then he said he was leaving, and a bunch of slightly taller dwarfs started walking away, and he followed. Before he left, he said something like "I really like ya, lad...". Then the trees started attacking me. I ran into the bog, which was covered in floating round wood things, that conveniently looked just like MY shield. So I hid under water and raised my shield so I would blend in (I remember this being in the third person). The tree (INT) started stomping away at the floating wood things, but didn't hit me. I waited for a while, then maid a run for it. I was then hauling ass through an open field cause everything back at "home" seemed to want to kill me. I looked up at the sky and saw planets and stuff. Then, I became quite lucid! I did what I always like to do when Lucid: I jump REALLY high, Incredible Hulk style, and just let myself free fall. It felt so amazing!! I landed safely, then did something else I've always wanted to do in an LD: I FIRED A KAMEHHAMEHA BLAST!! Then I lost lucidity and went back to the dream...kinda...

      I was still running for my life, when I came to a modern city. I ran into this abandoned and dirty building and realized I was holding the little knife from earlier. I set it beside me and try to go to sleep. Then my brother enters the room and tells me to wake up immediately because he arranged a job interview for me next door. I pretended to be asleep, but I got up and followed him next door. Also, when I "woke up," the knife was bent. The job interview was at a pizza joint, but changed into an optometrist. Then it was a dentist office. There was a shower in the back of the room, where the dentist was showering, and his assistant told us he'd be out soon. He came out, and proceeded to give me a check-up instead of a job-interview. While interviewing me, he told me how much more money I'd make in his profession than as a teacher; I had no idea how he knew I wanted to be a teacher. Anyway, he help a mirror up to my mouth so I could see inside. I had cavities all over the place and black stuff all over my teeth. Then he said I'd need a complex procedure...

      He went into his office and returned with a box full of wires, nuts, bolts, and short, rusty nails. I said "excuse me, doctor. I'm not trying to question your medical expertise here, but what do I need this procedure for?" He looked over at his assistant who moved slowly over to the exit. I realized something was up, got out of the dentist chair and bolted for the door. The assistant had a syringe in her hand and tried to stab me with it. She missed, but a little of the liquid got on my face. I then took the syringe from her hand and exited the building. I bent the needle on the syringe to make it useless. The assistant came after me, and I tried to stab her with the sideways needle. I then realized I left my book bag in the waiting room (weird...), and I thought it was important enough to go back for. I ran in and pushed the dentist aside and grabbed the bag. It was freaking heavy, but I still ran with it on my back out of the door.

      I then started running again, this time very slowly because the bag was weighing me down. I saw two women sitting at a table outside eating (one wearing an orange shirt) and dropped the bag off on their table and kept running. I felt the contents of the bag would be better in their hands than in the hands of the evil dentist. While running further away from the table, I wondered how I'd ever get my bag back, and figured that'd be an adventure for another day. I threw up the "call me" hand sign to the ladies at the table (they weren't attractive at all) in hopes that they somehow knew who I was. I kept running, and lost the assistant because she couldn't keep up with me.

      And...that's all I remember. I think there might have been more, I just can't remember it...
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