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    #52 ToTM March 2013

    by , 03-06-2013 at 11:42 AM (550 Views)
    I think I did the ToTM. After reading a dream from Canis Lucidus, I had a dream as said, "What is one thing you wish; I'll grant it" or "...I'll make it happen."

    The Perfect Pecan, then The Perfect Goodmorning

    I was with my dad. He was alive again. I told him that I wanted to talk to him as soon as he was done. I think he was performing or something. He said OK. I was so excited to finally tell him how much I miss him. It's the same dream I have of him every time, and it seems more real every time.

    He eventually told me he had a virus. I thought, "Oh-h-h-h-h!." I knew it could kill him because of his weak condition.

    I got a call from my brother's old room mate I Chin Tong. I answered the phone and he asked for me. I said it was me. He wanted a replacement of a green rug I had gotten him to design his home. I leaned back in my chair until I was lying down, told him I'd find him one with a psychedelic pattern, winked at this kid who I thought must think I was pretty cool, and then...

    Dream Skip

    My son and daughter are pulling out huge tomato plants. I'm disappointed that they are doing this, but it is for the owner of a house we are at. The plants are now Sweet Gum trees and I understand the motivation now.

    I'm at E's house. I saw her so vividly. Then her husband came home which was weird because it was so early, he had just gotten to work! I was nervous he would suspect something for me being over there so early. Instead he went out on the back porch and asked if I wanted help with a project I'm working on. I went out, happy not to be nervous anymore.

    Then he was talking to me about coaching a kids soccer team for 7 and 8 or 8 and 9 year olds' but we were outside somewhere else. I figured what grades that would be and told him his job would be getting the kids to work together more so than to win games. He said "Never mind then." I tried to convince him not to give up his idea. (This may have been residue from my idea last night to "put on a shirt" for the cub scouts and be a leader.

    I then realized I was dreaming, and started looking for E again. I spent a moment looking for her and realized that I should try a better lucid goal. BrandonBoss inspired me to re-evaluate my dream goals on this point.

    I decided to do my personal goal which was to enter my childhood nightmare. I found myself in a room with a bunch of people. I went to ask a guy with long hair and acne where...I didn't like this guy. I turned and there he was again...and again. What an annoying DC.

    I found someone else--ah, it was a high school friend P. C., and asked, "Where can I find the Circle Demon." He looked at me weird and said, "The Circle Demon?" I said "Yea, The Circle Demon," repeating it more to stay focused than to be sarcastic back to him.

    He told me "At the Perfect Pecan." I think I repeated that and said, is that upstairs?" I started going upstairs. There was a box from Hell Bound on his stairs and everything was kind of black. He said, "No, I'm in a band." I started getting frustrated. I said, "Where can I find it?" He said, "The Perfect Good Morning."

    I decided to look for one of these places. I had trouble phasing through a wall (what is my problem phasing lately?" A DC chuckled at me for trying and then I got a boost of confidence and went through it with a thankful, "Hah!"

    I flew and ended up in a food court. This was vivid. Nobody was there, then I saw a guy starting to set up his restaurant. I decided to go to another guy setting his place up. Then I decided to ask about a wish. I said, "What is one thing you wish. I'll grant it." Or, "...I'll make it happen." He just questioned me, "One wish? I don't know." I asked the other shop-keeper. He never said anything.

    I walked to a patron and she said, "I'd like a box of Perfect Pancakes." I tried to conjure it by clapping my hands or something. I tried pulling the box of pancakes out of the floor with no luck. I thought of what Canis had said. "I still got this," though I didn't say that. I tried what he or Xanous had said about pulling it out of my pocket, but there was only a tissue. I felt bad, but I knew (that I thought) I had still fulfilled my obligation to ask and try to grant a DC one wish.

    The End

    I had waken up before this dream and did one partial cycle for SSILD. I found myself in darkness which I tried to fly through per Canis. It worked. The timing of this dream may be a bit off.
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    1. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Hey, awesome job! Congratulations, Sandman, both on the LD and Task of the Month!

      Your access to waking life memories was excellent here. Remembering DV discussions, details of the tasks, multiple lucid goals, etc. is such a help for getting the things done that you wanted. And with how vivid everything was, it seems like this was a pretty high-level lucid.

      My current favorite object summon is to put my hand behind my back, believe that the object is already there, feel it just a bit, then bring my hand back in front of me, now knowing that it's there. Who knows? Maybe you'll get that box of Perfect Pancakes yet.

      Great stuff man!
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    2. OpheliaBlue's Avatar
      Lol box of perfect pancakes, I love it.

      Good summoning idea there CL. I'll have to try to remember that one. That's good for the advanced class too if someone asks. Should make a list of all the good ones.
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    3. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Thanks Ophelia! I hope it comes in handy for you.

      Oh, that reminds me! Another thing that I like to do is "use" the object like it's already there before I even look at it. I know Sandman's seen us talk about this, but one thing that Xanous and I have done a lot is summon a gladius (ancient Roman sword) and start swinging it around, especially when stuck in the dark. We've saved several LDs this way. This is a variation on a cool trick I picked up from Xanous where he imagines that he's riding a bike around when he's trying to DEILD or salvage a dream that's gone dark.

      I find that there's something very effective about thinking, "Okay, I'm going to start swinging around this gladius that's already here in my hand." You sort of skip the whole act of creation and get straight to "Okay, how does this thing feel in my hand? How badass do I look waving it around?" (Answer: very.)
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    4. The Sandman's Avatar
      @Canis: Thanks man!

      My current favorite object summon is to put my hand behind my back, believe that the object is already there, feel it just a bit, then bring my hand back in front of me, now knowing that it's there.
      This was the idea behind reaching into my pocket. Maybe my pocket was a bit small to find a box of pancakes; even Perfect Pancakes. I'll definitely try your summoning trick next time.

      @OpheliaBlue: Thanks for the wings. I'm really happy.
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    5. Sensei's Avatar
      Good job on the lucid. You almost had that basic turned into an advanced task! Thanks for the shout out.
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    6. The Sandman's Avatar
      Good job on the lucid. You almost had that basic turned into an advanced task! Thanks for the shout out.
      Thanks BrandonBoss. The only thing is, to this point I've had trouble conjuring anything. I am going to try a trick Canis recommends and maybe I can have success in the future.

      Thanks again for the push to try some other lucid skills.