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    # 70 Just A Bit Of Making Out

    by , 08-03-2013 at 05:44 PM (854 Views)
    So The lucid portion of this dream was just making out with this girl, but I log my lucids, so I'm logging this dream even though it was a really short bit of lucidity.


    I was on a beach in Hawaii. We are trying to arrange to move there IWL. I was with my son. It was a black-sand beach,
    though the beach was actually rocks, some black and some brown volcanic rock. I wanted to start throwing the brown rocks
    into the water to slowly make it a real black-sand beach, but that was going to take forever.

    We saw a boy my sons age in the water by himself. We seemed to disturb him as he started walking away to the beach on the
    other side of the water. We went in the water, though I didn't feel the water. We made it to the other side. The beach was
    made entirely of rocks that were starting to crystalize. These were like rocks I found on a small natural sand bar at
    a simple creek IWL. They actually were terminated stones, though very few were clear.

    Anyway, I started looking at all the rocks. I was very impressed. Then the boys mother came around as did her husband. I
    liked her though. I talked to her about her work. She was in real estate, so I talked to her about what I used to do in
    real estate. Then I started talking to the guy. I asked what he did for a living, but he wouldn't tell me. I think I
    bothered him talking to his wife.

    The dream transitioned to where I was driving away from some house at night. I passed some lawn bags and went back for them.
    I wanted the leaves in the bags. I went back and eventually, somehow at some point I ended up at a house with the girl that I
    was trying to get to my whole dream.

    Dream Skip

    I was watching something on T.V. The program showed a table with space on it using crystal balls as planets and broken
    mirrors to shape other planets. It looked almost exactly like a table I had started working on, except the one in my
    dream had a galaxy close to the middle of the table.

    I couldn't believe anyone else would have the exact same idea that I had. I started collecting my crystal balls to
    put in the table I created so I could show someone that I really had the same idea as whoever was showing the table
    on T.V.

    I went downstairs to where my table is and ended up seeing this chick in bed. At first she was dressed, but then she
    had opened her shirt and dress/robe thing. I lay down perpindicular to her and saw her naked body. Her breasts were
    a C cup, very attractive, and she had a strange bit of hair on her vag. I started making out with her and then realized I was dreaming.

    I made out with her for a bit and worked on putting it in her.
    I continued working on putting it in, but my lucidity was gone. My dream simply continued from this point.
    Then my dream ended , but it was resolution to the rest of my dream trying to get to this girl (that guys wife from earlier).

    I also find it important to have even these short bursts of lucidity to program your mind FOR lucidity.

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