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    Chinese Buildings / Radio Announcer; Argue and Make Up; Playing Piano

    by , 04-04-2012 at 02:21 PM (452 Views)
    Chinese Buildings / Radio Announcer

    NPR came on this morning and infiltrated my dream.

    I was in China, watching a building being built at night. I forgot almost all of the dream. It was very involved. In any case, when it was over, the dream switched to me being inside a house, likely in America, and the NPR announcer was in the living room with me.

    He walked across the living room to his seat saying his finishing line, "I'm (whatever my name is) for NPR in Shanghai." I don't remember if he said Shanghai or some other place. My memory escapes me, but I couldn't help but thing how dumb it was to be saying his ending line when he was right there with me.

    It wasn't that he wasn't in Shanghai or whatever. That part was OK. It's just that I knew who he was, and he was acting like he needed to tell me as though he was talking to everyone through the radio, which of course he was because NPR was infiltrating my dream.

    In my dream, it was really weird. It was like someone talking to you in third person. Then I started thinking, I wish I could do a piece based on a manuscript I wrote. I could be all technical and sound important, but that wasn't about to happen, and my dream ended.

    Argue and Make Up

    My wife wanted help cleaning up. She said the dishes needed to be washed, and she asked me to sweep the floor...and please mop...please! She was upset with me.

    I started sweeping, but it was hard to get all the dirt to sweep up. There was crap everywhere, and I was upset about having to clean up.

    I was barefoot. I was sweeping up cat litter, but we don't have a cat and my wife won't let me have one in waking life, so I was pissed about having to clean up kitty litter.

    I told my wife, who looked like someone completely different, why I was mad. I was calm about it, and she said she didn't want to fight. She asked me to hold her, so I held her. We started messing around. I was licking around her vagina, but now we were in a public auditorium. Someone came in at the bottom, so I said we had to stop.

    The lady came up a bit, and then went out a door to her left. We continued messing around for a bit. I did not get pleasure from the sex the way I typically do in dream sex. It was more a matter of what the dream story was than the fact that I was performing a sex act.

    Dream Skip

    I'm still with my wife I think. I see a bunch of rodent cages that look rather convenient for housing mice or gerbils, and it looks like they are being thrown away. I went up to them to check them out, and they had little furry rodents in them.

    Every time I moved a cage, the rodents were multiplied. They would get out of where they were, and then there were to many to put in the space they were just in.

    My wife, or who ever it was now, said she lost a bunch of them. I found a whole family living out of the cage, and managed to pluck them all up and put them in my shirt. Then I started looking for where to put them with no luck.

    The End

    Playing Piano

    I was playing some little piece on the piano in front of a bunch of people. It was a simple little piece, but it was captivating for some reason, and everyone loved it. I was alternating two notes, but they sounded good together. I started forgetting the piece, so a started improvising. I was playing chords that didn't really sound that great to me, but everyone loved it.

    Then I started playing up the keyboard and my hands were so dextrous, I was playing stuff I could never play in waking life. I was amazing myself, and it was all improvised.

    I finished the piece and everyone was cheering. I won third place, which surprised me, and received a $200 check.

    The End

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