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    Class and Securing the Hill; OGF

    by , 07-03-2011 at 05:53 PM (583 Views)
    Class and Securing the Hill

    I was in a class, but don't know what I was learning. We all chose net-books for the day. They were all unique.
    One computer had a problem.

    Dream skip?

    I went to a grassy hill and was going to fight some machines. Everyone in my unit or on my team had a vehicle
    that served as protection. I chose a place on the hill that offered protection from ahead and from behind.

    These dreams repeated. When I went to class again, I knew one of the computers had a problem. I got the same
    computer I had had before because I knew that one worked.

    I saw some meat that had been flattened and salted. It was raw. I ate some and realized some how, not by the taste,
    that the meat had been poisoned. I started to spit out the meat. Every time I spit, I had a lot more spit to spit out. I
    spit enough to fill a baggie half way. I left the class.

    I was on the hill again. Someone had a boa constrictor--possibly a red tail boa. It was about 8 feet long. They were letting it get very close to me. It was trying to bite me. Eventually I was trying to hold it anyway. I tried to get it behind the head, but being tired in waking life (I guess), I couldn't focus on it much. I ended up holding it by the tail and letting it crawl on the ground.

    Then I was positioned on the hill again. My spot was now vulnerable from the rear. I didn't like that at all. I had a premonition that we would be attacked from the rear. I ended up in some kind of a room that was walled by tough, nylon strapping material. I had a machine gun. It was like a cross between an AK-47 and an AR-15. I liked having it. I shot about 15 bullets and then thought I should stop in case I hit someone. I wanted to get out of the room, so I started pulling the strapping and it was coming loose. Eventually I guess I did get loose with someone else who was in the room with me.

    Then I was in a military aircraft. I was never in the military. We were preparing for something. I was trying to get my machine gun it a case because I didn't want to leave it, and I didn't want to walk around wherever I was going with an open machine gun.

    One of the other guys with me, a superior I think, threw a jacket out of the plane. I was upset because I think it was my jacket. It was as though I wasn't supposed to keep the military property (including the gun). I quickly put on another jacket so as to claim it. That meant the jacket thrown out was someone elses.


    I met a girl who looked like someone I used to date. I was my current age--she was the age I met her. I approached her nervous of how she would respond to what I wanted to tell her. I told her that I know I am much older, but I just wanted to tell her that she looked like an ogf. She looked exactly like her. I was in love.

    Later, she responded more to my liking, and I became semi lucid, or at least controlled my dream. I started holding her. I was taking my time to go up her shirt because I was enjoying being with her, but I realized I may wake up soon, so I started going further up her shirt. I got so far as to feel where her breast started. I didn't go further because I wanted to save some of the enjoyment. I never got to feel her breast, but I was enjoying looking at her face too much.

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