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    Football Guts; Corrupt Politician

    by , 01-27-2013 at 06:28 PM (284 Views)
    Football Guts

    I ran over a football with a charter bus. I was afraid it was my professional football, but someone held that one up in good shape, so it must have been my sons junior size football.

    Now I'm outside and I see what looks like an eyeball with stringy stuff coming off the back, and a weird yarn-like mass. It is about 8 inches long and yarn is coming out from the center so you can see the ends of each piece of yarn.

    I step on the eye and juice shoots up my leg. I find this really weird since my foot covered the entire eye, so how did it go up my leg? I thought about stepping on another eye, but figured it wasn't worth the bother.

    Corrupt Politician

    There was a politician about to start answering questions. He was in a dark underground room with soft dirt walls. Some voice said he was going to answer based on two names that were in the walls. One was supposed to be a name plate of a person, while the other was an animal.

    A reporter type then asked a drawn-out question which I couldn't keep up with, but it seemed to make sense. The politician was sitting in a chair like he was being interrogated. He said, "Your question had something to do with an animal, right?"--and my view was like a camera zooming in on the dirt wall. I soon saw a large and a small dog foot print.

    Then the reporter said, "No" (no the question had nothing to do with an animal.) Then the reporter guy asked the question again.

    Then there was something about driving down some path and getting away. I had to go to the bathroom, went up stairs followed by 2 guys who were mad that I was ahead of them because they wouldn't be able to pull some job.

    The End

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