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    1. My New Demon

      by , 12-27-2012 at 02:57 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      My New Demon III

      I am in my house, but it looks totally different. I go downstairs to the basement to get my sweater jacket. I retrieve my jacket and feel the presence of my new nightmare demon. This is the third or fourth time I've dreamed of this new demon.

      I start to go upstairs, but go back to turn out the light (I'm so stupid).

      In my adulthood, I'm not as afraid of demon nightmares as I was as a child, but what a chill! I never see him. He is present in homes that I enter for one reason or another. He is extremely powerful. I feel as though if he ever appeared, he wouldn't need to grab me. I think I would simply be sucked in.
    2. Hacked

      by , 02-22-2012 at 05:04 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)

      I dreamed my Google account was hacked and I couldn't get into it. Then it turned into my OS that was hacked and I had messages from the Russians basically taunting me. Fuckers.
    3. Alien Slave and Lucid Flying

      by , 03-20-2011 at 01:46 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Note: Yesterday I met my brother and his wife and their 1 1/2 year old son at Stone Mountain. I asked both about their LDing. I later went to a friends house and we went back and climbed Stone Mountain to see the "super moon" last night. It was full and really close to Earth last night. I see that as three stimuli that could have helped me go lucid just now.

      I was a slave along with hundreds of other people, to aliens (I never saw). We had built a huge wooden tower and were now painting it. The paint was unnecessarily thick and difficult to use.

      I was working with a group that I really liked including a girl that I liked. We somehow broke away from everyone and made for a grassy knoll. There were some rocks (like man-placed stones we saw at Stone Mountain). I threw some into some trees that lay just beyond the path of rocks. I was trying to hit the trees. Someone else started to do the same. We encouraged him to hit what he could.

      Then I lay down to go to sleep on the hill. I woke up and everyone was gone. I realized I was under a spell that made it really hard to wake up and move. I decided I better catch up with my friends and get back to work otherwise I may sleep forever, or the aliens could get mad that I left and was sleeping.

      I forced myself to get up; I was so-o-o-o tired. I worked my way up the hill and towards the top, very tired, I forced myself to run up so there would be no lying back down.

      I found the tower and started looking for my friends. I really needed to find my group and pretend as though I had been working on it the whole time.

      I worked with them, but then went to a hire point on the tower. I saw myself in a mirror, though I didn't see the mirror. I was wearing a black knit cap and looked like I had had a really rough day.

      I then found the girl that I liked. She could see that I was feeling rough, but I knew that everyone felt rough from working so hard. I felt guilty for trying to gain her sympathy, but I thought it would make her like me.

      I took my black cap off and put on a blue one and I felt much better.
      Soon I realized I better get back to work again. I am back on the tower looking for my friends. They are the group at the top painting. The paint was as thick as the Nutella we ate at the mountain last night, and it was the same color. (You think I carried the Nutella into my dream?)

      I was working around this guy with a bicycle at the top of the tower. I was trying to get to painting. Then someone had to go to the bathroom. I did too, so I went with him. The bathrooms were like something cattle would use. There were these super-long gates to the stalls. It is hard to explain, but I realized it was too weird and that I was dreaming.

      I was a little afraid that if I defected and my job was real, the aliens would be mad, but I didn't think much about it. I sat down in defiance and was lucid.

      I looked at my righth hand. I had written on it with a red pen. I tried really hard to focus on the numbers and make sense of them. There was a long division symbol with the numbers and the word "look!" It didn't mean anything, so I looked up in the sky to see the stars thinking about a recent dream where I did that and saw stars. I saw them again.

      I decided to try my personal task which was to revisit an old nightmare. I stated the address of the house where I had the nightmare. Then I tried to make a ring of ashes appear. I couldn't do it. I tried to make them red hot even though I couldn't make them appear. I saw a place get red hot, but I couldn't sustain it. The next step would have been to have a demon appear in the red-hot ring of ashes.

      I got frustrated that I couldn't make my nightmare begin. I tried to make fireballs shoot from my hand, or to just appear in my hand. No luck, so I started to fly. It was fun but I couldn't enjoy it. I wanted to enter my nightmare, so it was totally disappointing.

      I was flying around my old stomping ground and thought of someones idea discussed in the Lucid Dream Game Idea thread--super-speed. I tried it. It kind of worked and kind of didn't, so I just started flying around.

      There were some bicyclists. The were amazed that I was flying. Someone asked who I was. I gave them the wrong name and then someone called my by my complete real name. I asked how they knew and they said people knew me and were calling out to me.

      I flew through a restaurant. It was really cramped. I made my way out the back and then I woke up.

      Note: Next time I LD, I plan on trying to find my old house. I think I may have better luck if I try to reproduce my nightmare in the proper location. I don't know why I didn't try to fly to my old house. I guess I just didn't think of it.

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    4. Captive to Fugitive

      by , 03-15-2011 at 07:32 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I entered this in my DJ earlier this morning, but now it's gone. Was I dreaming? No. I really did it. Dang!

      I was a captive in a dark rail yard type place. It was covered, about an acre by an acre or so, and it was about 20' to 30' up in the air. I could barely see about 15 people, but there were more like 100 I guess.

      We all had to lay down next to rail road tracks, and the area for us to lay down was about as wide as railroad tracks. We were all very cramped. I guess a couple trains went buy, but it wasn't vivid. It was more that I knew they did go by.

      I needed to get some more room, so I stretched out on the train tracks where nobody else wanted to be. Very soon, a train started coming and it was a little more vivid. I was kind of scared, but then I started thinking that it would just go over me and I would be OK. It did go over me without harm.

      This made me brave and I decided to escape. Everyone advised against my attempt to escape, but I started to go down the tracks anyway. The tracks went down hill to get to the ground.

      After my intention to go down, I was all of a sudden down. Now I started running away. I had to go up a terraced hill side. The problem with this was that I was always visible.

      I was afraid I would be seen by the guards when all of a sudden all the other captives started pouring out and yelling as though they were rioting. I thought this would take the guards attention off of me, but I kept feeling their eyes on me.

      Then there was someone with me. We were at the top of the hill on a plateau. There were two round, cement tables. We each had a peeled orange. Right then, we saw the hill drop off about a foot so that we could lie down and be hidden by the hill. We dove down behind the hill so as not to be seen by the guards.

      I reached up and got my orange and two spoons that could give away our position. I signaled with my eyes for my partner to get his orange and his one spoon. He did.

      Then I was alone again, going down the other side of the hill. I saw a building that was kind of a movie theater with a carnival atmosphere. There were lots of people around and I wanted to blend in.

      I went to the theater type place to get some cotton candy. I thought that I would like like a fair-goer. I never really got it.

      The dream shifted to me being in a car with a partner again. It was night time. We were going down the road pretty fast. Here is something really strange. There was a muscle car in front of us turned towards us. I kept thinking it was a game of chicken. We were both revving our engines. The other car was more powerful and would have "won."

      The only thing was that we were also driving forward. They were never driving backwards. Whatever.

      The guy in the other car held his fist out to the windshield to show his ring of power. This was where I had him beat. I was wearing a special ring.

      Side note: My mom used to date a guy who wore a monogram ring. He used to tell me it was a magic ring.

      The driver of the car I was in held out my hand and I put my ring up against the windshield. When it touched and scraped the windshield, it created blue sparks. I was much more powerful than the other guy.

      Then, their car turned around and was driving in front of us. I saw some lights and asked if a cop was behind us. the guy driving said yes. We were screwed. I almost became lucid. I knew we didn't do anything and there was no reason for a cop to be following us.

      The driver started driving really fast to get away. He lost control at road construction and went off the road. We went off a ledge to a road below. It was full of 57 stone. Going really fast, we went around a turn and ended up going off that road to a lower road again on stone.

      We lost the cop. The driver pointed out how he was driving by way above us. The driver pulled into a kind of hidden parking place. We got out. The driver asked a third person who appeared to pour gas on the car and set it on fire. He did.

      The driver and I started running away. We went up a hill. there were different sets of stairs and we couldn't figure out which stairs to take. They were all wrong. We did choose one set of steps, and they were the right ones to choose.

      It was the entrance to a stadium. We were going to a baseball game. The dream was much better now. There were pretty ladies dressed in baseball looking concession uniforms from the 1920's or 1930's. They were giving away great treats on entry. I watched everyone else giving up their lolli-pops so they could eat a free sunday. I did the same. (Where did my lolli-pop come from?)

      The End
    5. Attacked by a Pit Bull

      by , 02-21-2011 at 06:44 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I'm standing in kind of a gravely road and there is a gray pit bull barking at me and trying to get an angle on me to bite me. I have a pen.

      As he attacks, I stab him in the back. I end up stabbing him repeatedly. Once I kind of miss and he nearly bites me. Eventually the DOG has an army weapon of a tube that you drop rocket things in and they shoot out immediately. The dog puts a rocket in, but it is more like another smaller tube of metal that he puts in.

      Now I have a metal pole and I smack the metal that he is trying to shoot at me. The projectile gets bent and won't come out. Now the dog is a person. He is like a crazy soldier. I start to whack him with my metal pole. I hit him about three times. I kind of get a head shot and a couple body shots.

      He tells me the next blow would have killed him, so luckily I don't need to hit him again. He looks pretty good, but I don't want to kill him. Now though, he is after me. I run away.

      I end up in a mall and security is there. Other people are around and they know about the guy on a rampage. I start to tell the officer about the dog that turned into a soldier guy and realized that the story would make me look crazy, so I just said there was a guy who was trying to attack me.

      The End.

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