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    OGF in the Ghetto

    by , 01-07-2013 at 07:42 AM (275 Views)
    OGF in the Ghetto

    I was with an OGF J. She asked if I remember when we used to do it. I said "Yes." I started feeling her breast, and then we started looking for somewhere to go to be in private.

    Then I realized I was dirty, so I decided to take a shower really quickly. I found a bathroom in my Grandmother's house, but it was occupied. I went to a less private bathroom in her house, but as I started looking for it, the house got messy and it wasn't where it was supposed to be.

    I started looking more and ended up in a commercial kitchen. My friend M. S. was there as an employee. I asked about somewhere to just rinse off. They said I could go to the back where there were some sprayers hanging from the ceiling.

    I went back there and then my friend pushed me into a pool of waste from the dishes. My mouth was closed, but I ended up with a bunch of grits in my mouth. It was nasty. My friend started laughing.

    I reached out and pulled him in, but he didn't get anything in his mouth. I was pissed. I started spitting stuff out of my mouth, but he didn't care.

    I was finally back with J. and ready to do it with her. We were in a ghetto. She pulled over to this abandoned multi-story building. There were people outside, and I figured there were people inside.

    I figured it was dangerous and gross, but whatever. We went up a flight of stairs. It seemed some rooms might be occupied. These rooms were open, without doors. They were like the rooms druggies use in abandoned buildings. Crap is everywhere and it's dark and nasty.

    We find a room that looks available on the 2nd or 3rd floor. We start to go in when we are greeted by two women dressed fairly nicely, and now we are in a large living room area.

    They ask if we are OK. They say our parents are probably worried for us. The women know that people who end up in this building are not doing well. We say we are OK.

    The women then put a lease on a coffee table and ask us to look it over. The lease says that there is no running water in the building. I think it also said there was no electricity or anything else. We are not supposed to sign the lease. It is simply to advise us that there are no conveniences.

    I looked at the lease and thought how interesting the lease was. Then the ladies left. Then a black guy was in the room and his dick was out. He wanted a blow job. He wasn't threatening, but he was ghetto and invading my scene.

    Eventually he left and I think we made it to the room, but my dream ended then.

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