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    "One Can't Maneuver!"; OGFJ-1; OGFJ-2; In The Water; Car Problems

    by , 01-21-2013 at 08:18 AM (491 Views)
    "One Can't Maneuver!"

    I think I forgot the first part of this dream, or it started with a false memory that there was more of a beginning.

    I am walking down to a street in the dark. I'm looking at a t-shirt being put on a hanger by only a set of hands. Something was wrong with it and it was going to be returned to the store.

    Then I decide to take the shirt to someone, or simply that it was a good opportunity to go to this person. Now it is raining, and very dark. I say, "One can't maneuver!" and I hear this refrain echoed by someone across the street and to my right. I shouldn't keep saying this, but I do. I'm intrigued by the sentence and that someone is repeating it. It is like a chant.

    I turn to the left and start flying. Now I'm evil because I'm not supposed to be going where I'm going and saying what I'm saying, and I'm flying to get there which somehow adds to my lack of concern. I see a car coming from one direction so I fly to it and figure on scaring the person in the car, when another car comes around the corner from the other direction. I manage not to get hit, and I'm now across the street.

    I fly a couple feet above the sidewalk and approach a witch of a woman lying on the ground, but moving forward. She is lowly and evil, but I encounter her as a reflection of myself. My own "evilness" is a self-imposed view.

    I continue flying down the sidewalk feeling a sense of power, but end up flying to a place that is narrow, and like a tomb. It isn't really a tomb, but there is nowhere else for me to fly. I do more self reflection and consider that I am here because of my evil nature.

    I guess I shouldn't have crossed the street saying "One Can't Maneuver!" That's "very bad"!

    The End


    I am with my OGFJ. She is in a weird metal suit that shows her body. It is designed for me to take her, though I never did.


    I am with J again. At first we are in at my dad's house, though it isn't necessarily his real layout and all. She is naked. I am going to take her, but then she is outside on the street naked. It is purposeful for some reason, like that is how we are going to get together. I'm supposed to see her outside naked, and then she will walk up to me and finally in the house. It was like foreplay.

    Finally she was in the house, but now she had her clothes on, and she was asleep. I started to take her clothes off when she woke up. It was as though this scene was repeating itself even though this was the first time it happened. (?)

    In The Water

    I have a jar with a fish in it. There is sand and a plant at the bottom, and there is barely enough water for the fish to swim. I put more water in the jar but it is warmer than the water already in the jar, so I'm worried for the fish. I put more cold water in to even out the temperature.

    Now I'm at a creek. I may have been at the creek the first time I put water in the jar, but why would the water have been warm? I was trying to get to the creek for more water though, so now I'm there in any case.

    All of a sudden I'm lying in the water. It's not really gross, but I'm a little concerned for what I can't see. Mostly, I'm not thinking about it though. I look up at the leaves on a branch of a shrub hanging in my reach and realize I'm dreaming, but only kind of. It feels more like I'm aware that I'm awake in this dreamy world rather than realizing I'm dreaming in my asleep world.

    I put my hand behind some of the leaves and see shadow. I find the view really dreamy. The leaves are foggy green, and the sun in the sky is not bright. It looks like the sky in the beginning of "Tales from the Dark Side" when they show the creek.

    I see that I am next to a big, black cloth thing in the water which makes me nervous. I have no idea what is living under it.

    I begin to figure out that I am dreaming, though it is kind of an FA. I try to imagine my self sliding down a slide to start moving, and sure enough I start sliding on a curved slide.

    Car Problems

    I'm in an old, 70's green car. I think it is a Mercury, though it isn't the shape of a Mercury in my dream. It is a great car, but the transmission is out. It won't go. I press the accelerator but slide backwards.

    I decide to put it into Park and hope that will reset it. I then put it into 2 and it does start to go.

    The End

    I'm categorizing this as lucid because one of my dreams was pretty much lucid, but I'm not tallying another lucid where I keep track of them.
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    1. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      That "In the Water" dream sounds great, lucid or no. It sounds like your awareness was building to really high levels. I wonder if the scene was so peaceful that it didn't give you much of a "kick" in the aminergic system that might normally make you lucid. You know that feeling of semi-shock you get when a reality check fails and then you're just alive in the lucid dream and things become totally unambiguous? That was probably all that was missing.

      You know, I find that reality checks are ideally suited for these kinds of situations. There are dreams where I'm totally clueless (most of them), and dreams where I immediately recognize that this is all a dream. It's those dreams in the middle where you have these vague feelings of doubt but nothing that's quite enough to reanimate your sleeping mind by itself. Those are the ones where reality checks really work their magic. I've been trying to get the RC habit going again. I'd gotten a little arrogant about RCing but lately I've had a bit of a reawakening about how valuable they are.

      The OGF acronym took me a second to figure out. (Has to be "old girlfriend".) At least that makes more sense than me interpreting it as "OG", like "Original Gangsta". Unless these two dreams occurred in an early 90s gangsta rap setting, which would be kind of awesome.
    2. The Sandman's Avatar
      I've never heard of the aminergic system, and now that I've looked it up, it isn't very clear, except that it has some relationship with eye movement, including REM. You've studied!

      Yeah, old girl friend.

      The water dream was likely lucid. If pressed, I would have to say I knew I was dreaming; I simply wasn't in control. I love collecting lucid's, but I'm more interested in the dream feelings themselves. It was so real. In fact, it might have been better since I didn't think to stabilize. I simply enjoyed a really lucid feeling.

      When I am lucid, I almost always RC. I pretty much know I'm dreaming so that when an RC fails, I look at my hand, I stare at it until it looks weird. I know it will, and it always does.

      Still wish I could have some of your dreams, though most of my lucids are right on. I can hardly be bothered by the TOTM, which I would actually enjoy pursuing. Instead, I pursue the opposite sex.
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    3. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Heh, sorry, the "aminergic system" shorthand has been on my mind recently after reading a handful of articles that Scot Stride released. Basically, the functions of the brain which are governed by serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine. These articles were mostly about some of the more bleeding-edge research that Thomas Yuschak was doing into lucid dreaming brain chemistry. Here's where I found them: Oneirology: The Study of Lucid Consciousness "A Review of Sleep Research ": Lucid Dreaming: A Valid Explanation (A lot of the links are broken, but the experiment with caffeine was interesting.)

      It sounds like this really was a lucid dream then. Congratulations! Not every LD experience is going to involve soaring across the world like Superman and shooting lava from your eyeballs. All we're after is a great experience, and this sounds like one.

      As for pursuing Task of the Month vs. pursuing the opposite sex, if you're motivated and having fun, you're doing it right! Who knows? Maybe February Task of the Month will let you do both.

      Good night of dreaming!
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    4. The Sandman's Avatar
      Thanks for the links. I'll look into them when I can.

      It's interesting you bring up caffeine, though not a surprise. Caffeine blocks adenosine receptors. Adenosine is associated with sleep.
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    5. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Yes, exactly right on the adenosine! In addition, caffeine raises levels of norepinephrine and dopamine, both of which are helpful for lucid dreaming.

      The downside, of course, is that caffeine is also really, really good at keeping you awake. It seems like it's only practical at quite low doses, at least from what I've read/observed.
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    6. The Sandman's Avatar
      Interesting. I'm more likely to try to boost my tryptophan and adenosine, though I drink some coffee during the day.

      Check this out: "Adenosine occurs naturally in foods such as the mushroom Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi mushroom)."

      That's rich on multiple levels.
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