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    Alarm-infiltrated Dreams


    This morning the alarm went off playing classical guitar. I was playing guitar based on what I was hearing.


    Chinese Buildings / Radio Announcer

    I was in China, watching a building being built at night. I forgot almost all of the dream. It was very involved. In any case, when it was over, the dream switched to me being inside a house, likely in America, and the NPR announcer was in the living room with me.

    He walked across the living room to his seat saying his finishing line, "I'm (whatever my name is) for NPR in Shanghai." I don't remember if he said Shanghai or some other place. My memory escapes me, but I couldn't help but think how dumb it was to be saying his ending line when he was right there with me.

    It wasn't that he wasn't in Shanghai or whatever. That part was OK. It's just that I knew who he was, and he was acting like he needed to tell me as though he was talking to everyone through the radio, which of course he was because NPR was infiltrating my dream.

    In my dream, it was really weird. It was like someone talking to you in third person. Then I started thinking, I wish I could do a piece based on a manuscript I wrote. I could be all technical and sound important, but that wasn't about to happen, and my dream ended.

    My Brother Gives the News on NPR

    My brother was walking around the room spewing the news. I couldn't believe he could remember so much of what he'd heard. He was not only being his typical annoying self, but he was delivering the news just like they read it on the radio, fully intonated. He was bugging the SHIT out of me.

    Chinese Taking Nigerian Slaves
    Another Alarm-infiltrated dream

    I was playing a game with some lady. I was a guest in her home I think. The game was like Risk. I was in the position to make a diplomatic tie with China. I wasn't happy about their stand on human rights, but I decided to make friends with them because it seemed better than not doing so.

    I went to a box with cartridges and pulled out the one to make friends with China. That would be a pain in the ass game!

    As I pulled out that cartridge, another came out a bit. I left it, and the lady got a little upset that I left it out. I explained that my dad would have been upset to, but I would push it back in when I replaced my cartridge.

    Then I realized that in real life, China was taking up the practice of enslaving Nigerians. I though, "Oh God! We got over that 150 years ago, and they are just now starting?" I pictured the horrors starting all over again with one person representing everyone who would now become slaves. It was horrible.


    Not the Favorite Child

    I dreamed that I was hearing someone talk about how they were not the favorite child, and I thought to myself how I was not either. I used a very specific phrase which was a little odd for me, but it was spoken a bit to formally. I thought it was well said, and interested that I would think of those words. I also thought I would remember that I said it that way, but I don't remember the phrase.

    I woke up hearing a woman's voice on NPR. I can't be certain, but I know for myself that the alarm had infiltrated my dream. I seemed to be responding to something. I know it was the alarm.


    Lucid Failure - Can Wild Success

    byThe Sandman, 10-13-2012 at 09:08 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***) DJ Entry


    So, this is a lucid failure, but a success for technique. The DV CAN WILD technique uses the Easy MP3 alarm. You can set it to play only once, so you can hear it, but not have to turn it off. Instead of a sound which is discussed in the CAN WILD tutorial, I talk to myself.

    I track dreams where the morning news infiltrates my dreams, so for this technique, I run an alarm like a news cast stating that I was seen flying all over town, and I have other suggestions.

    At one point I say, "So do a reality check...reality check...reality check... ...reality check."

    I figure three times will really let it sink in, and the fourth takes longer to say it, so I throw myself off, but it's the same word, and that should really hit me.

    Well, last night, I heard the word in my sleep. I counted my fingers. True to form, I see five fingers, but really count them up, and now there are six and they are kind of deformed.

    I got so excited in my dream, I started trying to tell someone that my technique worked.

    I very quickly lost lucidity, but the fact that the technique worked is awesome.

    My dream continued and Percy Lucid was making fun of the rest of what I was saying in my alarm. "He was seen flying all over town." As he was saying it, I saw his little heart icon.

    I didn't really mind he was making fun of it. It was really all in good fun.