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    Old Recurring

    6.22.13 - Dental Hygene

    I dreamed I was visiting my dad at his house. He wanted to brush his teeth, and asked me to bring some new kind of toothpaste and a tooth brush.

    I had the special toothpaste by Crest (nothing that is actually in the stores mind you), and my tooth brush. At first I justified to myself that I only needed my tooth brush. I thought we would share mine.

    He asked if I got the stuff and I said yes, but then started re-thinking the sharing of my tooth brush, so I was going to have to go to the store, but then I remembered I had a package of kids tooth brushes (this came from waking life when we sent our kids with this package of many kids tooth brushes to a friends house so they would always have tooth brushes over there.)


    I have lots of dreams where I am in a car out of control and I barely miss objects.

    Last night I was sliding down a slightly muddy hill. There were trees everywhere. I was in a rental car and sliding down this hill. I was barely missing trees as I slid down the hill, turning one way and then the other.