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    Surfing; Cable; Ron J.

    by , 07-23-2012 at 06:14 PM (264 Views)

    I saw monster wave. It was hundreds of feet long and a couple stories tall. I found where I could approach it and not already be in the tube. I never saw my surf board. It may have been a make-shift surf board.

    I approached the wave and ended up behind it so I could catch up and ride it. I rode it for a second, though it wasn't really vivid. I didn't get to enjoy it so much.

    I rode the wave in a little. Now someone was with me. We were riding the wave where it took us which was not exactly to shore. It took us to where water was coming from another direction as a river. The two waterways merged and we just had to keep our balance. The water was muddy like the Colorado.


    We bought a $50 cable package and we had such a variety of shows to watch, but I was concerned about the money we'd be spending. I saw the program listings, not any shows.

    I have no desire to get cable iwl.

    Ron J.

    I was in some kind of resort and Ron J. was there. I asked for his autograph. I found out he did water colors and asked if he would make a watercolor painting for me. He said they were all just water colors or something like that. I told him that's what water colors ARE. I asked if he would do one for me and sign it. Then I would have a painting and an autograph.

    He said "I might just do a parallelogram or something. Maybe some other shape." I was a little disappointed, but I figured, if that's what he does, then so be it.

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