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    by , 11-07-2012 at 06:08 PM (331 Views)

    I was at a restaurant at the bar or at a high table. I saw a guy with a book about 8" thick, maybe more. It was ridiculous. The spine of the book said, "Triglycerides." There were other words, but I couldn't make them out. That really didn't matter.

    I study diet IWL. I'm no more interested in triglycerides than anything else, but I figured in my dream that this guy obviously is studying them in depth, and it is something I'm interested in, so this was a great opportunity.

    I asked him to tell me about triglycerides. He said, "OK..." It was as though he was going to say something, but he wrote it on a napkin instead. When I read it, it was in cursive and said, "I" "I have" "I have" and kept going with similar stuff. It looked much the same from one pair of words to the next. I Mentioned how odd it seemed.

    The guy said, "Well, there are thousands of definitions for 'trigycerides." I thought to myself, "Well! I'm not about to work out thousands of definitions." I turned and looked at a lady beside me who was possible a friend of the guy I was talking to. I turned to her and her bare breast was right there. Her nipple was shiny with some kind of grease or water or something. It was pink and lovely.

    I don't attribute this to precognition by any means, but it is very interesting that today IWL, I was reading a new book I got on synergies and came across triglycerides and why they are bad. They come from animal fat and they reduce the effectiveness of leprin, a hormone that tells you when you are getting full.

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