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    Woman Car Salesperson

    by , 11-09-2012 at 02:11 AM (324 Views)
    Woman Car Salesperson

    I was lying down holding a sexy, long dark-haired woman in a read dress with stringy fringes. Her hair was in her face. This was not a sexual thing; she was helping me select a car (?), but I ended up telling her she was beautiful, and my words changed the meaning of me holding her. Because of this, I had to move away from her to respect her.

    I did the right thing, and then she started acting very nice to me, so I started sucking on her breasts hard. Over time she turned into someone with not such a nice figure, and black instead of white. She was wearing panties, and the skin above her panty line up front looked a little flabby. My chick dream had gone sour. Then it turned into a ghetto black guy.

    While I had chosen a car, I don't remember it and never saw it. Eventually, I saw a land rover that I wished I had chosen. It was a light metallic blue. It looked so pretty. Then one side had little dents in it and I wasn't convinced after all.

    That sucked.

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