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    1. House climbing / Lucid in a bar

      by , 06-26-2016 at 05:53 AM
      5:15 I'm battling monsters, Orcs Must Die style. I'm fighting fire monsters and ice monsters. I'm able to cast a 'death hex'. I do this when I'm fighting many flying jellies. The UI turns purple and everything becomes very crazy looking. When I cast the death hex the monsters counteract and cast their own version of the hex, summoning a wraith.

      Later in the night. I'm in a huge house. We(?) are planning to rent it. It's good for climbing, so I climb all over it, exploring every part of it. The house seems all open plan and doesn't seem to have doors. I think it's possible to have a view in most rooms from outside of them. Some women come in after a while to have a look at the house. I'm on the very top of the house climbing on some platforms. After a while we decide not to rent the house and go outside. I see the house's exterior. It seems quite normal and uninteresting.

      8:59 DILD I'm drifting in and out of consciousness and decide to become present. A bar comes into sharp focus. Wow, it feels like this is actually my reality, but I realise I'm dreaming. I'm aware of my surroundings -- I'm sat on a leather sofa in a dimly lit bar with some drink in front of me on a coffee table. I'm peripherally aware of my friends somewhere to the right by some stools. I think about manifesting a girl next to me but I start becoming aware of my real body in bed. The dreams fades quickly. I try to hold on by visualising the bar, but I've lost it and I'm back in bed.
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      lucid , non-lucid
    2. Get out of my dream!

      by , 06-18-2016 at 06:08 AM
      I'm in a mall with open plan shops on both sides and a walkway with escalators in the middle. I'm trying to find my shoes. It seems that the footlockers have been removed from a certain shop. I have a memory in the dream that the shop gave me back my shoes before the lockers were removed. What a relief. Scene transition. I'm in a large hall. It's kind of dark. Seems to be a dining area. There are games machines in the far corner. I decide I'll have a play on one. In the game I'm in some kind of ghost town I guess. For some reason I hear kids outside of the game, as if I'm hearing reality while dreaming. I get the idea I'm dreaming for some reason and the kids are disturbing it. Probably because I was reading Sivason's dream journal about incorporating external noise into the dream. Instead of incorporating it I decide to get mad at the kids and start yelling "get out of my dream!" and "shut up!" I suppose I'm semi lucid now and I decide to remove everything from the dream because I'm pissed at how much crap is going on. I make the dream black and decide I'll WILD. What? Within a dream? You're already dreaming! I'm waiting in darkness. (I guess I'm in NREM?) I start getting HH. It's petty intense and loud and the image of a woman's face forms in my mind. Then I realise that I've woken up because I see light from my bedroom. I think about DEILD but I've already moved and need to pee. Pretty impressed I could recall this much despite having had quite a bit to drink last night.
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    3. Thanks Navi

      by , 06-15-2016 at 03:55 AM
      I'm in a castle. Someone betrays the count or something and breaks some stuff. Then I'm at a table with some others discussing dream incubation. They say that in real life if you touch or taste some food then go to sleep you'll be so hungry that you'll dream of forks. (Something like that. Recall of that part is fuzzy.) I decide to try it. I smell my soup and go to sleep. Holy crap I'm having hypnagogia. Well I'm aware now. I ride out the noise and just stay cool. I get the feeling I'm in my mum's house on my bed (Not my own. It seemed like nothing unusual at the time). I decide to visualise myself standing next to the bed. Seems like the right thing to do. Then I'm moving towards a light. I suddenly find myself in a black void surrounded by faces of Zelda characters. I remind myself that I'm dreaming so I should stay aware. I hear a voice tell me that the choice we make reflects our deepest selves. I hover over a few like the goron but decide to choose the great fairy (She's hot okay? But seriously I like to think it's because the great fairy can grant cool powers). When I choose I'm transported outside. I get the feeling I'm on a path by a lake and maybe the fairy fountain is nearby in a cave. My fairy (Navi?) informs me we don't have much time left and then I wake up. Thanks Navi.

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    4. Highriser

      by , 06-07-2016 at 12:59 AM
      I'm in a bedroom inside a tower block. The windows are huge, as if the whole outer wall is made of glass. There's an animal outside on the ledge. I think it's a dog, but it could be a deer. It banged itself against the window pane. I make some forceful action with my arm and then the animal suddenly jumps off the ledge in fright. I'm extremely remorseful and feel terrible that I caused the animal to fall to its death.

      Still in the apartment, I'm aware of a man who wishes to do me harm. He isn't present, however. He reminds me of Ramsay Bolton from Game of Thrones. I'm worried he will show up at the apartment but he never does. I don't know why he wants to harm me.

      Then, I'm no longer here. I seem to be in some kind of party or bar. I see Danny H. He's dressed up in a white shirt and beige waistcoat rather than his usual black hoody. He seems happy to see me. I also see Danny R. (Why so many Dannys?) I see myself with people in third person view. I seem to be very drunk and my speech slurred. My dream self doesn't at all look like my real self and I get the impression my dream self is Polish. I start slurring some words, possibly 'fuck the police', but it sounds ridiculous, and more like 'ruck a piece'. I then see big square-sized photographs. I think they may be vinyl record covers. They are pictures of myself standing next to people, possibly those from the party.
    5. Empty house

      by , 06-06-2016 at 07:39 AM
      It's about 9 in the morning, been up since about 5. On the bed, I'm drifting in and out of consciousness, wanting to sleep. I have some awareness of the process and start experiencing hh, notably palpitations, which I allow to be, as I know my heart isn't really beating like that. I keep my awareness relaxed and distant and notice the images floating around behind my eyelids. A table comes into view and then it becomes more and more solid. I'm touching the table and then I realise I'm there in a room. The house is similar to the one I'm really in but also different. I look at my hands and try to stabilise but I feel very floaty and wispy. I notice some furniture -- a mantelpiece with some ornaments on it. I decide I'll conjure up a girl (I really should work on my self control). I float around the house quite excitedly and expect a woman to be behind a door. I enter to find a bedroom. It's very messy. There's nobody inside but there's a bed with a mess of duvets on it so I think she'll be in the bed. However, I don't feel stable enough so I decide to open my real eyes and the dream ends.
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    6. Ghost train

      by , 06-03-2016 at 02:54 AM
      I'm on a train. There are many people around. One of them is Alfred, an online friend I haven't spoken to in years. I'm in his room and notice the tiny paper swords he's made on his bedside table. There's a chat room in which many people on the train are chatting. Some idiot starts spamming massive photos in the chat making me lose where I am in the list of messages. I try to scroll through them but there are too many. They are silly pictures of the people on the train. I decide to unfriend some of the people who did this. One of them is called the reverse of one of my old online pseudonyms, to mock me I guess. I know I wouldn't delete Alfred because he's an old friend. There are some girls, upstairs perhaps. We're talking about seeing ghosts and such. I tell them I've seen a lot of stuff and they seem to think a person needs to be on drugs to see anything like that but I know better. I think there is a ghost on the train.
    7. The social engineer

      by , 06-01-2016 at 08:27 AM
      I and a fat guy pull into some place. It's like a barn, made of stone and timber. I try to park but the only two spaces are full. I find a third space by the wall and squeeze the car into it. There's a long sheltered walkway to the main door, which is big and wooden. I decide I have to climb to get in. I climb on top of the roof shelter (I feel it's not a roof but a single piece of rope) and before I'm able to get past the door a viscous black smallish sized dog appears and starts to come at me. It attacks me and clings to my t-shirt and won't let go. I'm sure we've woken up the owners now so I'm considering leaving. A black guy appears and I apologise to him saying we were just exploring (I think we were actually trying to break in). I think I fooled him. He seems to disapprove. Fat man has other ideas and urges me to make a break for it and leap over the door. I don't like it. We get close to the door. The door opens and we see a queue of visitors down some stairs waiting for an event to start. Fat man is suddenly wearing an earpiece and carrying drinks and goes inside as a food attendant! The door closes behind him and I'm left outside...
    8. I have dragons

      by , 05-31-2016 at 06:43 AM
      Old people, bread balls, cooking, discussion deep past

      1 I come across two or three chavs behind Lorraine's house. We chat. I'm a bit nervous. Can't remember what happens but they're OK.

      2 Now I'm in Lorraine's house. I'm eating some lunch there. I leave some food for my mum. I think it's bolognese. My mum comes and when it's time to go she reminds me to tidy up. I left some bowls in the sink so I go to wash one but I think i leave others. I'm worried they'll find about them.

      3 I'm playing some war game. There are four players including me. It's set on an earth. There are two spheres to play on, an inner and outer sphere. I'm not very good and expand the slowest. I remember destroying some small steps and crawling underneath a building to hide. It was quite nice under there. I think Sam is playing as the blue team. He comes to give me some advice. He's dressed as a wizard. Apparently I have dragons which I can use as my secret weapon. If I use my dragons to target individual units I can cause chaos. I utterly destroy the purple team with the dragons. I think I cause them to have to format their computers and they have trouble turning purple again and can only become blue.

      4 Sansa is a robot. She cannot have children but she can still feel. She lets Ramsay rape her rather than let him know that she can't bear children for him.
      non-lucid , dream fragment