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    Empty house

    by , 06-06-2016 at 07:39 AM (234 Views)
    It's about 9 in the morning, been up since about 5. On the bed, I'm drifting in and out of consciousness, wanting to sleep. I have some awareness of the process and start experiencing hh, notably palpitations, which I allow to be, as I know my heart isn't really beating like that. I keep my awareness relaxed and distant and notice the images floating around behind my eyelids. A table comes into view and then it becomes more and more solid. I'm touching the table and then I realise I'm there in a room. The house is similar to the one I'm really in but also different. I look at my hands and try to stabilise but I feel very floaty and wispy. I notice some furniture -- a mantelpiece with some ornaments on it. I decide I'll conjure up a girl (I really should work on my self control). I float around the house quite excitedly and expect a woman to be behind a door. I enter to find a bedroom. It's very messy. There's nobody inside but there's a bed with a mess of duvets on it so I think she'll be in the bed. However, I don't feel stable enough so I decide to open my real eyes and the dream ends.

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    Tags: wild