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    1. my room has been rearranged!!!

      by , 02-16-2012 at 09:17 PM
      i was standing in my room and i tried to adjust my very small glass tube tv, then i realize my flatscreen is gone...I WENT OUT TO THE LIVING ROOM and asked mom where it went and she said i dont know, i went back in rooma nd found my flatscreen perched on top of a large library card type wooden file cabinet balancing onthe corner of my bed O_o the rest of the dream went this way as well, noticing things missing, asking mom then finding missing items in impossibly precarious places...woke up...
      non-lucid , memorable
    2. Capt Jack Sparrow leads the way...

      by , 02-16-2012 at 09:10 PM
      It started out i was wandering the halls of some office building, endless halls, couldnt find my way out or around or anything...allof a sudden Jack sparrow appeared carrying a very long ladder, he said follow along now, we're practically finished! so i grabbed the back of the ladder and he lead me all over the place from one hall to another neverending hallways...then woke up...
    3. 5 dollar a gallon gas, brahma bull riders, healers, old ladies, africa...and strange streets...

      by , 11-19-2011 at 09:34 PM
      5 Dollar a gallon gas, africa and bullriders and healers...

      It started I was driving around some town and came to a gas station on an otherwise deserted corner...I noticed the gas was $5.25 a gallon, and i was shocked! I kept saying tio myself, "i reslly should take a picture of this..nobody would believe me otherwise" I stood there staring at the multiple price signs over and over again, then an old lady walked out of her car and said to me..."you need to go to Africa" all of a sudden, dream shifted, I was in africa...and i was helping uinload a large truck full of african kids of all ages...as i helped the last one out of the truck, i suddenyl noticed a small flat box sitting infront of me..i picked it up and handed it to the kid and he smiled and did a silly dance and ran away...weird... i hopped off the truck and saw 2 guys riding brahma bulls running in my direction, then i noticed they were chasing a regular cow calf.....the calf looked at me and ran behind the truck between the truck and a huge warehouse that wasnt there moments ago.....and it crouched down ontop a big pile of blankets and was watching the two bullriders under the truck...they looked at me and i shrugged and they rode away..as i turned to check on the calf...i was in a holet room somewhere and there was a witchdoctor/healer type guy there and he was chasing me around the room he kept telling me to move my arms in certain directions etc..he also kept saying he could heal my bad arms..over and over again (IRW i do have messed up shoulders..) he then showed me a video of myself running around an odd obstacle course and every so often i would pickup a log over my head and throw it.....interesting cure =)

      dream shifted

      I was walking down a city street somewhere and all the shops and businesses etc were below street level, you had to walk down a flight of stairs to get to every door on the street, i walked by a place that had only a movie theater type ticket window sticking out the front of the building and there was an old lady sitting in the booth and there was a small crowdof people standing around the booth and one guy had his head tipped down so he could speak through the little opening in the bottom of the booth window, and he kept asking "so where DO we get our mail" woke up...
    4. 4th of july fireworks, small plane in parade...making copies and doing someone elses laundry?!?!?!

      by , 09-14-2011 at 08:16 PM
      Started out i was standing by a booth along what looked like our 4th of july parade route...it looked like it was going to rain, there was thunder, and sporatic rain falling......and i was thinking our fireworks wouldbe cancelled again...(the fireworks were cancelled this year due to extremely high fire risk...irl) i turned around and a small plane landed in the street and the pilot go tout and tid a rope to the propeller and started walking the plane down the street, i turned around and my dad was running the booth, he told me to tell him he couldnt be in the parade if the plane was only self powered...so i walked over to the guy and told him what i was told, and he went over to my dad and started argueing with him...i walked up the hill behind the booth, there were like 3 or 4 other booths along the parade route..one ws in the middle of the highway! i was walking towards where the fireworks wouldbe launched, and i notidced how cloudy, windy and cold it had gotten, and it was even lightly raining this time..allof a sudden fireworks started going up as if it was the grand finale..i decided i should have video taped the fireworks for mom, sicne she was in the hopsital and could see them this time..(shes not in the hosptial irl, thankfully) i turned and started walking back to the booth, and i noticed everytime the lightning would flash or the fireworks would go off i would see the shadows of everything that could cast shadows..including my own..i became lucid this time and turned to the left and down the hill heading home....i ended up walking down a small dirt alley behind a home i lived in many years ago..i saw a long dead cat wandering around, i stopped and petted him..havent seen him in many years, and continued on my way......i saw a guy i know in town here irl, walking towards me, suddenly i realized his laundry was finished...um...ok....so he followed me into the house and i opened the dryer and started pulling out clothes..the clothes had like white gunk all over them...i told him..guess youve got to come back later...he said, i'll come back later....... i walked into the living room and there was an old lady standing there buy a table by the door..i decided to do a RC and turned on the lamp on the table where she was standing, it came on..and i observed the surrounding area and noticed shadows etc normally associated with turning on a lamp irl....but i still knew i was dreaming...RC failed! hehe... she handed me some pictures of some girl..or lady..and ask for 2 copies of each(i manage an office supply and make copies every day practically irl) i walked over to the kitchen and realized the copier was out of town....i started rummaging in the cabinets...then woke up...
      lucid , memorable
    5. yet another very old hotel..sheesh

      by , 09-01-2011 at 10:45 PM
      Ive been dreaming about old hotels alot lately for some reason..heres yet another one!

      I was walking through the lobby of an extremely old, very gothically ornate hotel, my current employer appeared in a doorway in the back of the lobby i was walking through so i walked up to him and he said, I have to do it, but your're not gonna like it...come on...and he turned and walked through the doorway he was standing in...i followed into a huge sitting room of sorts, there were chairs back to back everywhere, antique high back leather chairs...and i immediately climbed up on a table and onto a walkway that circleed the entire room and started looking in every cabinet i came across, and there were cabinets everywhere...in most of the cabinets there was bits and pieces of antique train sets, like a train car and pice of track etc.....i finally went all around the room and got back down and my employer walked out of the room so i followed him again..he stopped in the middle of the lobby and turned to me and said "make sure he follows not to closely..." and when he turned i looked towards the entrance and saw an old friend of mine walking through the door...we walked over to him and then then my employer walked to a door to our right past the freakin huge overly ornate front desk and turned and motioned us over.....i told my friend he shouldnt be here but we'll see this through.....why i said that i dont know..he just smiled..we went through the door andit was a restaurant, we walked over and sat down with my employer and we ended up getting served grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches on huge slices of bread like frisbees...my employer then said, if you go that way home is always an option, i followed where he was pointing and saw my old house back east i moved from like 20 or so years ago....my friend and i went to the house and started to open the door and my mom opened the door and said, "nice try, but you cant come back yet...alarm woke me up....
      non-lucid , memorable
    6. sisters dog and ???

      by , 08-13-2011 at 05:23 AM
      i walked through the front door and into the living room and mom was there and she said your sisters dogs are here, be nice.... ummm..ok.....i went into the back bedroom and there was Chazz, my sis's cocker spaniel, only he was the size of a german shephard, and a small black fluffy dog, and try as i might, i couldnt get them out of the bedroom. woke up

      2 of my late dogs......and teenage mutant ninja turtles?!?!?

      i walked through the living room and decided to take my dog out int he backyard, i called her and she started following me downthe hall to the back door. i looked out the window inthe back door and saw my late black lab sitting onthe porch, i got excited about seeing her and opened the door, she got up and went down the back stairs, i followed her into the yard and then saw my other late dog, my cocker spaniel...i got really excited and gave her a good petting, she shook and started running around the yard... i noticed a white germanm shephard following my still living dog, golden retriever, around the yard...i started walking towards him and noticed all my pine trees were gone, replaced by junk cars scattered all over the yard......then i noticed a table inthe center of the yard, it was covered with the cardboard backing of teenage mutant ninja turtles figures from when they first came out......i started rummaging through the huge piles of cardboard, then i noticed the german shephard was trying to mount my dog.....shes fixed so no worries, only worried he might hurt hurt, or attack..so i ran over, put my keys on the hood of a white car and shooed him away.....i got my 3 dogs to go to the porch then i was going to open one of the gates at let the shephard out....only i couldnt find my keys..i started hunting all over for them and the while i was talking to the german shephard, saying things like, i jusdt had em..where could i possibly have left them......and as soon as i find my freakin keys i'll open the gate for ya and you can head on home...i'm pretty sure theres no hoep for her ever loving you....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eh?!?!?!?!?!?! ok..whatever.....and i looked over at the shephard and he said to me, in plain english..."seems like a sticky nick situation!" then I awoke...
    7. driving truck with my mind! cool lucid!

      by , 07-29-2011 at 10:38 PM
      it started out, I was at work, only, my employer had purchased the entire strip mall where the store was and installed a large indoor pool, wirth his store in the far left suite......i walked into the store he handed me a large ziplock bag of old and foreign coins and started telling me all about the pool...which, surprisingly, was extremely busy....i dumped out the coins on the counter and started sorting them out by size color and weight......couldnt really see what designs were on them, then he, my employer, says to me, go to my house when you are done there so we can really get things moving.....and he leaves at that point, i start walking around the pool area, and now its the middle of the night and no ones there, he turned the parking lot into a large beach area with changing rooms and everything, and the area out behind the strip mall was a vip area....you ha to have an access card to ope the gate, complete with full bar and everything..i start thinking to myself, wonder if he could use me as an ovcernight lifeguard..next thing i know, i'm in my truck driving down the highway towards his house, i think to myself, ive got to remember this dream and write it down when i wake up...instantly, i'm lucid and in control..i pull the truck over and climb into the back and say outloud "i'm going to drive this truck with my mind" all of a sudden the truck lurches forward and i fall flat on my back in the bed of the truck..i get up, and put my hands on the top of the truck and say "move" it takes off and i'm going all over the area up and down hills, i even throw it in four wheel drive! what great fun!!!! i think and it goes there..even got airborne a few times! so i finally get to his house and pull into the driveway, all of a sudden i'm driving down a ramp into a parking garage, i'm suddenly back inside the truck, i get out and hes standing infront of the truck. i walk over to him and i see a quarter on the ground infront of him...as i pick it up and examine it, i wake up....darn alarm
    8. WBTB using fork as wood tool? hmmm...

      by , 07-26-2011 at 11:14 PM
      I was sitting at one ond of a long chippendale type table, i had a plate infront of my and it looked as if i had just eaten, even though i was famished in this dream....my dad was at the other end of the table, he had a foot long 2 x 4 in his hand that had a small cude of wood on the top and he was trying to knock it off with a fork, he knocked it off and got up and came over and sat next to me and he suddenly had another 2x4 with cube of wood on it in his hand, he said, i'll knock it off if you''ll cup forward" um..okj whatever, he handed me the 2x4 and i cupped my hands aroudn the cube on top, he started hitting it with the fork and after 3 or 4 swings, the fork flew out if his hand backwards and landed in a hall through a door in the back of the dining area we were in.....he grinned and laughed and shrugged, i got up and went into the hallway and as soon as i walked through the doorway i fell to the ground and started crawling towards the fork, then a lady walked passed me and i started picking up lint and fuzz and small pieces of string suddenly strewn allover the hallway, and the more i picked up the more sad and depressed i got..then i woke up.....this was a WBTB dream..i woke up stayed awake for about 15 mins and went back to sleep, the previous dream, about the raccoon was right before i woke up....
      Tags: 2x4, dad, depressed, fork
    9. raccoon and reaccuring dream location...

      by , 07-26-2011 at 11:06 PM
      I was walking around in my backyard, when i came across a raccoon being attacked by a baby skunk......i shooed the skunk away and picked upthe raccoon and allof a suden i was walking down a street, a street ive seen in my dreams before many times..dont know where it is though...i examine the raccoon briefly, there are no wounds, i turn left and walkdown a short alley, then turn right into an open area between buildings, ive been here before as well, theres a vets office at the far end of this plaza type place, i examine the raccoon again and now it has a gash on one side of its body, theres a napkin dispenser hanging onthe wall next to me so i graba couple and apply pressure to the wound, i start walking towards the door in the back wall, which leads to a hallway, strange thing is i had a key to this door for some reason, i walk to the end of this hallway and take a left, the vets office is at the end of this hallway, but as it is in every other dream ive seenit in, its closed....theres a square of light on the floor under the onyl window there, even though its nighttime, so i lay the raccoon down in the square of light, andit curls up liekits going to go to sleep, i say to myself, the vet will be here soon and will find him..i start walking out and fins theres a door in the middle of the hallway between the outside door and where i left the raccoon, its always there on the way out, but never there on the way in......i oen the door and go through and i realize the baby skunk was following me.....i go through the outside door and trap the baby skunk in the hallway, after the door closes, i panick a bit thinking i left my keys inside, they wer in my back pocket thankfully, i walk out of the alley and its now early morning, sun just coming up....i walk past a circle K, in reality a convenience store, in this dream, a tire store..i dont think its at all strange...as i head down the street i'm getting in a better and better mood, huge smile on my face, strutting down the street etc...i see a covered bus stop in the distance and i start dancing to and singing "du hast" by Rammstein....i havent thought about that song in years, nor wa i ever a fan of that song, but it popped in my head for some reason....then i woke up......
    10. chasing old friend around in forest...

      by , 07-21-2011 at 12:13 AM
      just a fragment this time, i was walking through a massive forest, i came out into a small clearing with an old cabin against a huge cliff, and a friend of mine i havent seen in some 22 years was standing there with a bunch of papers in his hand, and i said "hey! whatcha got there man?" and he started to walk away quickly and i gave chase and i kept trying to grab the papers but he kept avoiding me, and i couldnt even get close, i chased him into a small openeing in the woods and ended up standing on a huge cliff, and across the seemingly bottomless drop below, my friend was standing on another cliff maybe 1/2 mile away, and i said "damn, I wish i could channel in thei dream!" them i awoke....channeling, in case you guys might not know, is an ability in a series of books i'm reading now called, "the wheel of time" by Robert Jordan....be a cool ability to have!!
      lucid , memorable , dream fragment
    11. living inthe basement of ancient skyscraper?

      by , 07-21-2011 at 12:07 AM
      gee i seem to be haveing alot of dreams abut ancient skyscrapers lately..sheesh, in this dream, my room was in the basement of a huge ancient skyscraper, everything ive ever owne din my entire life was neatly displayed on floor to ceiling shelves in the back half of my room, and all my furniture i own now wa sin the front of the room......for some reason, i had it in my herad, i had to go to a friend of my mother shouse and repair her carpet...ive never installed carpet or repaired carpet in my life..but what the hell......i drove over to her place and parked off to the side, and snuck up to the front door......for some weid reason, i needed to fix the carpet and sneak out without beeing seen...i opened the fornt door, and heard a vacuum in the next room, so i want to yet another room and found the carpet had a mismatched square just laying over asquare hole cut in the carpet, there was a large mailing envelope on a nearby table, and i knew it was the pices of carpeting i wa swaiting for....i pulled the mismatched piece of carpet up, and opened the envelope, and realized, A> it was a dream and B> i knew nothng about capret repair...so i left everything as it was, but i took the mismatched piece with me...and i still heard the vacuum so i snuck out and ran over to my car....got in and drive away, my car suddenly turned into a bicycle, then the bicycle turned into a pogo stick, and amazingly, i started bouncing down the streeet towards home..i was amazed because ive never been good at pogo stick......ah dreams..gotta love em!! =) i get to entrance of my room/skyscraper and notice shelves all along the dirt wall behind the building, and on the shelves, things my folks have owned all through their lives......and i said to myself, "great, another yard sale, better check my stuff once again" i had the feeling that if my father found out i knew about the yard sale he would absolutely kill me, so i started to grab stuff off the slelves i wanted to keep and went ito my rom briefly, i hid stuff all over behind my stuff ont he shelves in my room...when i went back outside, the lady whose house i had just snuck into was there browsing, and i told her you get the presale special..whatever that was..dad came out at this point and i told him she was there browsing and i was helping her choose..and he went away....then these people started coming around the side of the building and going into and out of my room or some reason, i went in and they were just standing there, when i came in they went out,and when i followed them out, they went back in, so when i got the out of my room once again, all of a sudden there was an 8 foot wall below the door to my room, and everyone was gone except one guy.....it was Corey Haim! he said, "help me up so i can get my view in" so i cupped my hands together into a step, but he ignored me and said, "i have to do it myself, another bland challenge" i walked to rith right edge of the wall and there was a very skinny, maybe 6 inches wide staircase going up, so went up and got there the same time he did, and i said to him, "you should hae taken the stairs" and he replied "if thats what your sure they are" then I awoke...
    12. store i manage moved to skyscraper?

      by , 07-20-2011 at 11:46 PM
      i was in the store i manage, but it looked different somehow, my employer approached me and said "go get the paper boxes, we'll need them after all" i said ok, and started walking towards a strange door i dont remember being there, and real;ized, the store was now in the lobby of a skyscraper, theres were little empty shops, and empty offices all around the perimeter of the store......i went through a door in the back and around a few left and right turns, and ended up in a closet with 4 doors, one in each wall, and a lady standing there with the lid of a box on a shelf titled open, she was peeking into it, and talking on the phone, she kept saying "uh huh, uh huh, yeah, its theres, that too...i dunno.." etc. i started looking around for the paper boxes, and she said over he shoulder, as she walked out the door "of course, i did, tossed those papre boxes out myself" so i walked back to go to the store area, and got lost and ended up in a series of offices, that ran along one wall in the back of the store area.....i came out of one of the doors, and my employer was standing there with his hands onhis hips, and his girlfiend materialized right in front of me and said "well its not his fault ya know" and my employer pointed to the door i just came out of and said "MARCH!!!" to his girlfriend, they doth went through the door and all of a sudden i heard crashing and banging and grunting, and she yelled "you sonofabitch!!!" then more crashing, i sudden got really scared and as i was heading to the front door i awoke.......
    13. old acquaintence reappears......how about some coffee?!?!!

      by , 07-20-2011 at 11:38 PM
      I was walking across the living room towards the front door, as soon as i reached the front porch an acquaintence i havent seen in some 3 or 4 years walks up into my enclosed front porch and i said hey! he said hey! and we went over to the clouch on the front porch and sat down and i opened a small cabinet in the wall above the couch, thats not there in real life..the entire inside walls of my porch were covered floor to ceiling wall to wall small cabinets, anyway, i opened a small cabinet and said to him..do i have a surprise for you! i pulled out a ziplock baggie full of joints and we started smoking, instantly the baggie was empty, allof a sudden my mom walked out onto the porch and layed dwon on the couch and started watchnig TV, the tv was no longer in the living room, it was embedded in the wall where the door to the outside should of been....strange...and my frien and i were sitting in recliners instead of the couch allof a sudden...i decide to go get more coffee, even tho i didnt have a cup to begin with, and i tried to get my friend to follow me so as to not disturb mom, and he said in a really loud obnoxious voice, 'WELL, WHERES MY COFFEE!?!?!?!?! YOU DIDNT OFFER ME ANY COFFEE!!!! WHY DONT YOU GO GET ME SOME F***iNG COFFEE!!!!!!!!" he is normally pretty loud when he talks but never obnoxious....so i got towards the kitchen, and i say over my shoulder "why dont i throw in some ice cream while i'm at it!!!" he didnt say a word, all of a sudden i'm in an ancient officve building, not a computer to be seen, rotarey phones everywhere, and rolodexes etc.....and this acquaintence of mine was sitting in a raised booth that was about 10 feet off the ground in the middle of all the offices and he kept yelling if i had found the coffee yet, and to hurry up cause his ice cream was melting...every time i tried to go elsewhere int he building i would end up infront of his booth and he was yelling louder and louder...i would go thrught a door and appear infront of him......i finally ran into a woman ive seen in my dreams from time to time over the years, and she said to me "i hope you dont tell him we're out of creamer!" THEN I WOKE UP....
    14. non lucid floating dream, possible dream walking, or crawling, or....

      by , 07-20-2011 at 11:25 PM
      I fell asleep on the couch in the living room the other day, all of a sudden, i floated up off the couch, over the wall between the kitchen and living room, and landed by the kitchen sink, i turned on the water, and floated up and over the wall again backwards, like doing the back stroke, and i flipped around in the air in the middle of the living room and lay down gently on the floor about 5 or 6 feet from the couch, and as soon as i touched down, i woke up, for real, and i was actually lieng on the floor in the exact same positoon i was in when i landed there in the dream....very strange...did i fall off the couch and the falling sensation made me dream of floating, did i sleep walk? i have no idea..but it was a very bizarre experience...
    15. Lucid dream within a dream....amazing experience!

      by , 07-12-2011 at 09:21 PM
      It started, i was dreaming about my home, nothing too unusual, except for the fact there was a huge entertainment center, and a mattress on the floor where my back door should be...and i was going between that room, my moms office/library and the laundry room, which is the hallway between kitcken and office, and i couldnt figure out where i wanted to go, i started feeling tired and layed down on the mattress and fell asleep in the dream, I started dreaming again, i the dream, about standing in my garage...but it was filled with boxes, wall to wall boxes with 5 digit random numbers on them,...as i started wandering around i said to myself outloud..."i have to write this dream down when i wake up" all of a sudden i was completely lucid and completely in control...i said whoa shit! i'm lucid dreaming in a dream! this is freakin awesome! so i went outside to try to find a dream character to talk to, and i told myself, pass through the garage door, and i did...amazing! like a ghost! i looked around outside and instead of it being the dirt road dead end in reality, it was manicured lawns and friendly neighbors waving and smiling...i went over to one gentleman who was finishing mowing his lawn and just as i stepped onto his property and started asking if icould speak to him a moment, he intereruipted and said "youve gotten in deeper i see...good job!" and just then unseen sprinklers came to life and the cold water shocked me enough and i woke up in the first dream....i was still dreaming, i got up off the mattress, and went out into the back yard..saw my dogs wandering around, and said to myself i really should go write this dream sequence down....and once again i was lucid and in control...then i thought to myself, as i walked towards my bedroom, maybe if i write it down in the dream, i'll remember better in reality......i went into my room and i saw myself lieing in bed and my dogs next to me pretty much the same positions as when i went to sleep...i leaned over to my self and whispered into my ear, if you forget this amazing dream sequence, i'll kill you nexttime we meet in here......and just as i grabbed my dream journal in the dream, I woke up for real......my alarm went off...bummer..i was looking forward to writing down a dream, whilst in a dream..maybe next time......i'll never forget this dream as long as i live....lucid dreaming in a dream...wow!
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