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    1. 29/10/2012 - Weekend fragments

      by , 10-29-2012 at 12:14 AM
      Had a very vivid dream that I was in the middle of a film, which seemed real at times, as if I forgot it was a film where we were trying to prove that this woman was a fraudster of some sort, an elaborate ploy was devised and an aiport - there was a lot more to it than this, recall not great.

      Fragments of a dream where I was in a landscape flighting some sort of entities, although I was able to defeat some of these 'monsters' they would come in greater waves of numbers so eventually I bailed and hid.

      Strange dream of being with CL and her old neighbour's dog was being relaly aggresive towards me. It eventually leapt at me and missed me, it went over my head although I could feel it's paws on my hair. Went upstairs with CL and NE, weird situation ensued...
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. 24/10/2012 -

      by , 10-24-2012 at 02:43 AM
      Had some minor recall, but not much from last night.

      Although I woke a lot and remember thinking I should write this down, so I must have dreamed a fair bit.

      Fragments from last night:

      - My dad showing me a clip on youtube of a friends not so successful MMA career, he couldn't stay up in the ring, kept sliding about and eventually slid out of the ring, tried to run away and slid, crashing into a wall.

      - At some point I met my dad and his wife at ASDA car park, for a lift home, they told me of some bad news for my sister and her husband.

      - Outside in some 'dump' like area at night, behind a big metal industrial like bin.

      Will add more if I remember it.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. 23/10/2012 - Rugby, drive home weird police man and a short lucid dream about my cat

      by , 10-23-2012 at 12:05 AM
      Dreaming that I was playing rugby, training with a local club in Australia, then I was in a match playing for Ireland, which is strange given I don't play rugby and am not Irish.
      I started off okay but was tiring quickly and I couldn't kick the ball properly very often. In all fairness, I had no idea what I was doing but seemed to play okay.

      Remember going back into the changing rooms afterwards and organising to go for a drink with some people.

      At some point I was playing basketball on the court near home.

      **There was a lot more in my dreams last night, I woke a few times, but recall was bad.

      Driving back from changing rooms, there was roadworks and it looked like I had to drive to the left, a policeman was there, he stopped me and had a go at me for being in the wrong lane.
      After apologising he became a lot less serious and let me thorough and offered to wash my hands?? He poured this liquid that had the same viscosity as washing up liquid on my hands and I drove off.

      Short Lucid dream - broke the 2 week duck!I was standing in my bedroom when my childhood pet cat that has since passed on, walked across the room.
      I became lucid straight away, but instead of wanting to explore the dreamscape I spent a couple of mins petting him then followed him to the living room and lucidity was lost.
      dream fragment , lucid
    4. 22/10/2012 - Driving in the dark and animal swamp

      by , 10-22-2012 at 12:42 AM
      Driving somewhere with C, realise we can hardy see in front of ourselves so I check if her lights are on. We cross a bridge, 3 lane traffic, can't pinpoint where dream was supposed to be. Lots of white figures are flying over us. At first I thought it was birds at 2nd looked they appeared to be planes and I was concerned we may get bombed.

      Dream scene changes and I'm on a couch, with Candace in the middle of a swamp like area. There are animals, it feels dangerous but the only animal I really recall is a stag, although it was about the same size as a dog. 2 people were behind us and one threw a big bit of meat into the shallow water at our feet. The animals looked but wouldn't go for it. Behind the 2 men were talking about how this was a hierarchical act. After a while the stag looked at me then charged. I grabbed its antlersAnd pushed it away. It got submissive and bowed down. Then it went to the meat an offered ussome. Dreamscapechanges. Men behind us appeared Indian and we were offered some Indian food.
      non-lucid , memorable
    5. 15/10/2012

      by , 10-14-2012 at 11:27 PM
      Had a dream that I was at work, it was Monday afternoon and I just realised I'd missed a meeting I needed to go to. Was quite stressed as I needed to raise a few points at it.

      Then I was in the meeting and raised said points. Boring dream but I woke up feeling really unsettled for some reason.

      Had a dream that I was at the local bowling club back home. There was a final on but I was supposed to be going out for a game beforehand. Some presentation was happening, a guy was talking. All very normal.

      Final dream was walking through / getting a tour of this army type base that had a prison attached to it, I was walking through it different rooms and sections, there were men standing with their hands and feet chained I had to walk through the middle of.

      Then I walked through a room that had Chimpanzee's chained up. Made me feel very uneasy.
    6. 11/10/2012 - Gran (again) going to church and meeting a former football team mate

      by , 10-11-2012 at 05:13 AM
      Note: Today I had a work training conference, and the woman presenting was wearing a lot of green jewells. Her ear rings were green stones and her rings were emerald. Quite strange when I had a dream the other night about going to the work conference and the presenter dropping emeralds everywhere.

      Last nights non lucid events:
      Saw my late gran walking along what appeared like the current street I live in, in Australia (HS). She was going to a church. As it was night (around 9pm I felt) I decided to
      Keep her company and go with her. I also didn't like her walking alone. Got inside and only a few people were there. Guys from school who I wasnt that good mates with, MM and PT as well as this guy who I knew but on waking didn't recognise. He was also working behind the bar. Returned home to my mums partner DO, at a house and a youngish boy was there, about 10 or so who we were baby sitting, he wanted to sleep outside, I was trying to plan this.

      Met CJ former team mate outside a hotel in Melb. It was dark, supposedly morning but felt like night. We arranged to meet that night for a quick pint before her had to go to Glas. It seemed that Glas was an hour away and not 1000s of miles. Also I was
      Meeting my brother in law later, which I did arrange for tonight. We were in a taxi and he was telling me about his football team score that day. I predicted the score, 1-0 and the scorer, Thommo, who doesn't even play football and I met him here.
    7. 10/10/2012 - Mum's wedding,

      by , 10-10-2012 at 12:38 AM
      Mum was getting remarried and I had to go round and get her from church, people were waiting for her somewhere else (pub like building) but she had decided to wait at church. Strangely there didn't appear to be a groom. Post wedding everyone was watching Eastenders, which for some reason was very x-rated, more like watching porn. The characters
      from the TV seemed to spill out on to the streets and the drama ensued, non pronographic drama but an acted argument between a woman and 2 men. The dreamscape did seem a little like London. I kept dreaming about drinking black currant and water (was thirsty upon waking). I got embarrassed/fed up at everyone watching this programme so went for a walk, was off to meet someone somewhere else, not sure who or where but a 7 eleven was en route so could buy more juice. Noticed my cousins watching TV outside at a bar, tv was outside high up on a wall and it was football that was on, relieved someone wasn't watching that crap Eastenders I stopped and had a juice there instead.

      Had a dream I was waiting for CL to
      finish work, In was waiting in a lobby with others who were waiting for their partners also. There was a big lift in the middle of the office that was shaped like a wine glass. I could see the whole team being debriefed on something but couldn't tell what exactly although I had an inclination some people were being paid off, but knew she was ok.

      Off to Highland town on work course, I seem to recall it being Dingwall. AG from a support team at work (Melb) was driving, someone in the passenger seat I can't recall and a chap I used to work with in Glasgow, NM. We were having a work presentation, a few accu members were there. I can't recall the presentation now. It was memorable but I didn't write enough down at the time. After a break I went back in, the presenters had changed, looked more monster like and were talking about creating something that would drop Emeralds. Their faces had changed aggressive and to green. I remember smugly thinking the organiser VS would feel a bit stupid that we'd driven all this way for this!

      NOTE: Prior to going to sleep I asked for my spirit guide to come into my dreams.
      LUCID DREAM: Dreaming I was reading psychic experiences website on a story I had posted, reading a reply from a girl using the word y'all a lot. I read it in an American accent. Then I visualised being in a back garden of a country house, felt like in the US but that could have been related to the previous reading. Saw a head behind a chair trying to hide. I spoke to her, she got up and walked off. When she looked round and thought it was my girlfriends mum. Became lucid at this point! Asked if she knew I could do this, Lucid Dream and Astral Project thinking it was still my girlfriends mum - I thought we were potentially dream sharing, she turned and walked away. Then I remember asking for my spirit guide to visit me in a dream before sleeping. I asked if she was my spirit guide, she stopped in her tracks, turned round at that and looked at me, knowingly. If there is such a thing as a spirit guide I am sure this person was one of mine. In retrospect, she could have also been the person I sensed helping me out of my body on a previous DJ entry (dark hair grey and black striped top) although the energy felt a bit different.

      After that was awake for a while, about an hour, 6-7am, put on a hemi sync and relaxed, following that I dipped in and out of lucid dreams all around the apartment.

      Lucid: Had a girl stand at the side of the bed dressed in a brown leotard with a subtle stripe tell me she was healing me as I wasn't very well - I seemed to understand that it was to do with energy or could have been my frame of mind - symptomatically my I'm physically ok and was aware in dream that my waking body is showing no ailments. She had Auburn hair and gave me hug before leaving and whispering in my ear that she had a boyfriend.

      was lying in bed, in what appeared to be the bedroom surrounded by old statues that looked Egyptian, the bedroom was now a shop closing down sale.
      Then the scene changed (I am still in the same bed in the same room) a man in his 50s who said he was a neighbour, greying hair, moustache and glasses told me he was helping me clean the place with his wife, she came through and was a younger Asian woman in her 20s. She offered extra services, how Western stereotypically thought. I wandered through to their apartment. Into their bathroom because I could, although I still wouldn't say I was lucid here I had a sense that I was dreaming as I knew that there were no consequences of any actions....well not awake anyway.

      Non Lucid, dream seemed to unfold like watching a 3D advert of girls and men offering services, was surreal but non lucid.

      One final point, at one point in the night I 'think' I consciously projected out of my body. I remember rising quickly but then I off in a dream world.
    8. 9/10/2012 - Lucid dream without control, AP Attempts and a friend's visit

      by , 10-09-2012 at 12:14 AM
      Fell asleep on the couch about 9pm, woke up just over 6 hours later, 3:09am. No real recall of dreaming prior to this. Lay in bed for about half an hour, I had set my alarm to go off at 5:30am to try and get into the vibrational state but thought, what the hell.

      Slipped into my first dream and became lucid almost immediately. Was in a room that had wooden walls, mahogany style, similar to a room you might expect in a castle or such. I was with my sister and a couple of others I can't reember and she was talking about how my late grandmother had been the first person to congratulate her on graduating on Facebook. At that point it struck me I was dreaming except I seemed to lose control instantly, I fell forward and sunk into the floor and started floating rapidly to the right hand, as if something was moving me. Quite scared I asked for protection from a higher being (having been trying my own experiments with Astral Projection), I asked to for a being of light or a higher being. My movement changed and I was floating upwards, turned around and facing a wall that was completely black (or just dark) except that it had loads of runic shapes glowing in bright blue. I felt like I had no control although part of me was 'going with it' to see what happened.

      I was moved through the wall and the lights changed into a spiral shape, like that of a molecular structure and as I was zoomed in further the spiral became almost 'Matrix' like. I was sure I saw a binary type pattern although cannot be 100%. I was able to seize control of the dream at this point and wake myself up.

      Following on from this I had about an hour or 2 of drifting in and out of the vibration state. I had many failed attempts at getting out of my body, I was able to 'move' my astral arms and legs but was unable to get out. I remember mentally asking for assistance and I could feel something or someone at my feet (this has happened previously) trying to pull me out. I was consciously putting up resistance though as I was in a very negative frame of mind and I'm cautious about exploring these states when in a negative mindset as 'like attracts like' I hear. In this state I have a few strange experiences which some people would put down to HA. I attempted to contact my deceased granparents by visualising them and asking for them, and although I didn't get a response, I heard a noise in my ear like a walkie talkie and the person on the other end was just too far away for me to make it out properly, there was a crackle and a muffle (again I am still viewing this from a skeptical stance and aware of the medical symptoms that cause hallucinations in these states). At one point I was sure I was levitating above my body but I can't say anything more than, the energy felt bad, not good like my last experience and a part of me didn't want to go 'out there'. At one point in the sequence after visualising my grandparents, although having no conscious feeling of leaving the body, I did visualise myself close to them and just felt like I was bathing in a warm energy of love.

      After fighting the vibrations for about an hour and a half and experiencing these things on and off, either not able to get out of body, or having a gut feel that it wasn't a good time I managed to sleep and fell into a dream.

      I was with my friend RS, who lives in Canada and he came across to visit with his 2 friends, a couple. We went out someplace, I only recall walking back and being offered drugs by everyone in the street on the walk home. The street which was supposed to be my home looked nothing like that. It was dark and had a lot of homeless looking people that were selling drugs.

      We returned to the 1 bedroom unit (which although the street was different looked very similar) where all 4 of us were sharing the only bed (double). At one point my friend RS and I went outside, for a cigarette and he tried to explain why he hadn't been good at keeping in touch, I can't remember the details but it had something to do with my character. I became lucid after that and the dream changed, I visualised a female. A few things happened. The dream returns to his friends, the couple leaving and then my dream changes.

      Non Lucid: I am in my grandparents house, mums mum and dad (still with us) and we were playing table tennis on their kitchen table, we put a net up on it. It was myself, mum, her partner and my grandparents were there. I felt it was close to Christmas and I had been on the phone to my girlfriend asking for her to come and join us for Christmas day as she was going to be on her own. I then noticed I had 2 iPhones and I figured that the other one belonged to the guy, RS's friend from the previous dream.

      Finally, dreamscape changes and I am walking I receive a text message from my gf telling me that she met some Italian guy at a nightclub and she must have given the wrong impression as he had changed his plans to meet her in Singapore, he was meant to be going to Cambodia. I was jealous and a bit angry that she had went to a nightclub alone. I was walking to my car in the car park and noticed someone else in it, I opened the door, it was a French guy, I realised from the interior I had the wrong car, mine was right beside it and I aplogised and felt embarrased.

      End of a strange night.
    9. 7/10/2012 - Airport Casino / Dad Shares Profit / Fighting strange entities

      by , 10-08-2012 at 01:01 AM
      At the airport with my friend SK, I am flying to Syd. I realise that my flight has not been booked properly so I call work to organise. I can't get through at first but eventually manage to and am told they are organising it.

      The airport lounge is a casino and I watch as a woman wins a lot of money on red 28. Then she proceeds to lose most of it before leaving the table. When a table is vacant it is turned into a pool table. Dream changes without me ever sorting or getting on the flight. At various points in the dream I am using a laptop device that I can slot my iPhone into the side of. None of the devices were shaped like they are in real life.

      Skip to another dream an I'm with my sister, dad, his wife, my auntie and uncle (his sister and husband) and my late grandparents.

      My dad is giving out gifts to people and I am unsure why, then he hands me a gift (can't recall what) and an envelope of cash/stock. He has just made 1.8mil GBP and is giving the family gifts. My uncle gets a big camcorder.

      Final dream seems related to xBox 360 games I've been playing. I am at my grandparents house but all throughout the rooms, which are much bigger and the main room seems temple like, there are enemies, which I deal with using Skyrim spells, conjuration, that my character does, and I use invis to hide. My gran returns home and I am concerned as the danger hasn't dissipated. The dream is just me dealing with wave after wave of these enemies. Every now and again there would be someone in the middle of the temple like room chanting over a small pool/puddle and that seems to be the source of the waves of attackers. I remember being frustrated and not being able to loot the monsters I had just dealt with.
    10. 5/10/2012 - Longer than normal Lucid and a few Non Lucids, driving and F1

      by , 10-08-2012 at 12:53 AM
      Seemed to become Lucid a lot earlier on than normal on this night. I was in my home town, in a housing estate. I was having a conversation with my uncle, not sure what point I became Lucid. I asked him to tell me something that I couldn't know about my mum, so that I could try and verify this with her in real life. He told me 2 things, both of which were gone from memory upon waking, sadly. So I'm walking the streets after, enjoying the feeling of being lucid. I'm pretty bad for negatively thinking, "I might lose control of this soon" and then waking up because of that. However this lasted longer than normal and I was able to stop the dream 'fading out' by asking for clarity. The town, in retrospect, looked nothing like it does in real life. I saw a massive structure, that was arch shaped brick building, to me it looked like a Dwarven structure (too much Skyrim on the XBOX 360). I decided to fly over there and was able to fly with relatively good control. Again at some point I started to lose lucidity and was able to maintain by relaxing and commanding myself for "Clarity Now". I explored around the landscape for what seemed a lot longer than normal lucid dreams before losing consciousness. If only I could remember what I was told to ask my mum.

      I was at work, we were told we were having to move desks. I walked round to the new area. Instead of individual desks we were all sat round big tables like being back at school. I wanted to sit next to RP but wasn't sure if we were supposed to sit in our teams at work. Ended up at another table, with people I didn't know.

      Next dream, my aunt is driving her car, a blue Punto (IRL she can't drive and has no car). Myself, my girlfriend, my friend Steve and my auntie's grand daughter Charlie are there. We make a stop at what is like a Walmart type place, but it has a casino to one side of it. We pop in to buy sweets for Charlie and I'm told not to get her anything with vegtables in it (?), for some reason I'd bought these sweets that looked like soft mints, but were green, fruity....and had vegetable pieces inside! Anyway, I decided to drive back and had real difficulty controlling the car, between people pulling out in front of me and road lanes changing from our flow of traffic to on coming traffic it was stressful. Also, whenver I had to turn the car it shook, and wobbled and a few times jumped in the air. I pulled out to overtake a car that pulled out in front of me and at that point my outside lane became the other side of the road's over taking lane so I pulled in quickly. The car wobbled and flew into the air, 10-15ft and landed witha crash in a ditch at the side of the road. We were all okay but I called my mum and she was going to come and get us. We were supposedly somewhere between Ed and Dd, but I recognised the small town in the Distance and realised we were just outside of Mthv. We then realise the car is okay and my friend Steve drives back, slowly and smugly is criticising my driving as he is driving slow. I think but don't point out that Steve driving slow is uncharacteristic.

      Final dream, am at Silverstone for the F1, except it's more of a small road track in a country field. It's not that busy either, myself and friend KK get a trackside view but decide to walk round a but, we walk what seems about half the track, down a country path. Their are cyclists on the road, some kind of bike race is taking place first. I fear for the cyclists as the F1 cars start. At some point a car crashes into a group of them but nobody is hurt.
      lucid , non-lucid , memorable
    11. Morning of 4/10/2012 - Golf Shop Lucid Dream and Astral Projection

      by , 10-04-2012 at 01:22 AM
      Reading William Buhlman's 'Adventures Beyond The Body' and followed his technique of waking up early, reading and going back to sleep.

      So at 5:30am the first alarm went off, knowing myself well I set another for 6am. Right enough the first one I switched off without remembering. At 6am I sat up for a minute, got up and got a glass of water, went to the bathroom and read for 10 mins or so. Lay down to rest.

      Went straight into a lucid dream where I was in my friends Golf Shop using the computer, where you can drive against the screen and it shows where your ball went. Dipped in and out of lucidity but it ended with me using a driver, that was shaped like an iron, had a black head and I hit it from a weird angle and the ball ricochet off the wall and through the ceiling panel. He looked a bit concerned but not overly fussed.

      Then I woke up and felt the vibrations come over me, so I relaxed and said my affirmations. They didn't get as intense as they have done so I was concerned I wouldn't be able to get out. I tried the rope technique which didn't work as my astral mid/torso seemed to detatch but I was stuck at my head.

      Next vibrations I visualised myself flying and I felt my 2nd body float out and rotate 180 degress so that I was face down hovering over the side of the bed (same position I was in flying visually). But I couldn't get control and get my feet down or move properly nor did I have any vision. This happened a couple of times, maybe 3 max.

      Finally, the vibrations came over and mentally I asked for help, I asked for someone to help me get out of the body properly and at that point, I felt a tug from my feet and I was whisked out of my body and standing at the side of the bed. I still had no vision but walked a few steps from my body to where the door to the living room would be. I said, "Clarity now" and vision came. The living room looked a little different. Logistaically the same shape, but different furnishings, or seemingly different, emptier. My vision was still vague. I walked towards the front door and pressed my hand through. I got so excited that found myself awake in my physical body a few seconds later.

      Very minor AP experience but my most memoreble to date.
      lucid , memorable
    12. 3/10/2012 - Job Hunt, Strange temple, Pub Drive and another pub

      by , 10-04-2012 at 01:08 AM
      I am looking for a job back home, for some reason, bump into an old manager in an underground subway type walkway (JH) and discuss it with him and tell him about the role I am doing now. Afterwards I meet my current reporting line (PM) who talks at first but is visibly upset, he has either just had to, or will be attending his daughters funeral (he has a young son IRL). He is wheeling a small cylindrical bin like object on a wooden platform on wheels. When we get to the road I carry the bin across for him and he carries the wheels. The dream ends there.

      NB: Coincidentally weird, but on the tram today I was sitting reading on Facebook about my friend who's daughter passed a year ago. He had just updated his status saying he was at her grave. When I look up, PM is on the tram next to me on an adjacent seat.

      Next dream and I'm at the top of the stairs of some sort of temple and people are attacking me, but it's not that threatening. I think one of them may have been my girlfriends brother, but I was able to just push them down. I remeber going into the temple and there is a square stone on either side with what I perceived to be a spirit in it, it was saying who could and could not come into the temple. It had something to do with a school (I think) and you had to have had an association with it to be allowed to pass.

      Then I'm in a car with B who has notorious dealings and a girl who I can't remember or place. We are driving to what I perceive is a pub in fife when we are stopped by police, he is calm but we are worried. He puts it in his jacket pocket and in the glove box and the police put him in the car for questioning. We are allowed to leave so I drive his car away. To the pub where I park it and am told I cant park there, it's for either players or workers. Anyway, I can't recall going inside the pub. Just that later on B arrives in a car, which is supposedly his but it's a newer version of the one we were just driving.

      Finally, I'm in what seems an Irish or Scottish style pub, a lot of wood on the walls. At a table with 3 people I don't know. In the dream I knew them. I see 2 men, one who I currently work with and another who I worked with back home, sitting together having a drink. They see me and come across and mention that it was nice to have met my parents/family. This seems to have been a reference to something earlier in the dream that I can't place.
    13. 2/10/2012 - Guitar, Football Tournament and Dodgy Pub

      by , 10-03-2012 at 01:15 AM
      Note - smoked a joint of Calea Z for the first time 30 mins before bed - 50/50 tobacco, prob close to 1g of calea. Made me nauseous and kept me awake longer than normal. Felt a bit paranoid, but I'm a paranoid person. Thought at one point I would be sick. Feelings subsided after 30 mins.

      Had no lucid dreams and no more vivid than normal in any dreams. Although fading into sleep the dreams seemed to start quicker than normal, I think it was placebo affect.

      Met and was talking to a woman (KB) at work who plays guitar, we arranged a jamming session at her house, which was in the town my dad grew up in, she lived in a cottage there and I lived in a small house nearby. So I took my amp, guitar and pedals down to her place and set it up. When I arrived she was wearing 'interesting' lingerie covered by a silk gown and although in this state of dress informed me that we would not be sleeping together as she was married....to another woman. At no point in the dream did I want to or envisage that this was the cause of my visit (even although at this point in the dream she was mildly more attractive than she is in real life). Instantly she was back to wearing normal clothes. In retrospect, the houses and surroundings seemed predated to the current time, maybe early 19th century. I set up my guitar but when I went to start I noticed a string was missing and the another had come so loose it was like a piece of string. I also recall that my guitar was noticeably different, it had switches that could make it play an organ noise and other effects built into the guitar - this was not strange to me at the time. KB had a mad amp with loads of pedals inside it that were connected by ethernet cable to get the desired sound she wanted. This was interesting to me yet not strange. We didn't get to playing any music as far as I can remember before the dream changed.

      Playing football in some tournament, for Ireland (despite not being Irish). It was like a 7-a-side tournament and was mostly folk late teens playing. I felt as if I was about 19 in the dream (I'm 31 at the time of writing this). For some reason at the start of the match I was carrying 2 shopping bags, one in each hand, that were making me heavy and the person I was marking was getting past me constantly because of this. There were spectators around the pitch, proably about 100 people. One of the spectators, a heavy an with a shaved head and beard around late 40s shouted abuse at me. I dropped the bags at the side of the pitch and then shouted abuse back. After this I started to play really well and created the chance that set up the goal for us to go up 1-0 but playing a through ball to the wing that was cut across and knocked in for the opener. My dad and his wife were there watching, as if I was playing proper football again. The other team equalised straight away and it finished 1-1. We were apparently strong favourites so this was a bad result. Next minute I am playing for Portugal and we get a free kick, and I am looking for Rui Costa to take it but forgot that we have Ronaldo, otherwise I was going to take it. The dream changes there, post game the whole thing has less of an international competition fear and more like an underage trial match where my dad thinks that I might get scouted. I remind him that I am 31 as does his wife.

      Post game I am getting a lift somewhere, we stop at what I perceive to be a really dodgy bar in my home town and am surprised at my dad choosing to go there. He says it's just to use the bathroom, but still. I go in with him to make sure he's okay. On the way in, a shady character says to me, "I like the look of your car", which I understood to be code for asking if I want drugs, I smile, say no thanks and walk to the bathroom. After I come out, my dad isn't there, someone tells me that nobody leaves that pub without getting beaten up so I walk out quickly. Find my dad who is in the car already, it's his old burgundy sierra, from around 1992. Memory fades here, we were in s ahopping mall talking about it being a good place for my half brother due to thie funky red cubic looking fountain.

      Final part of the dream, least recall, I am playing in a football match supposed to be a blind football match, but the majority of the participants are wearing old dusty uniforms and are wearing sacks over their heads. The field has no grass, it's dusty dry mud like surface but solid. I really want to win. I can mostly see but have to play like I can't. We go a goal down and I start playing normally, in spite of the other players not being able to see. I create an opportunity to score, can't remember if I did or not but then the dream ended.
    14. 1/10/2012 - Starring in theatre, bowling and rollercoaster

      by , 10-02-2012 at 02:26 AM
      Recall not good, because this happened much earlier on in the night.

      Part 1:
      Walking with a large group of people to play the part of Romeo in theatre, got the impression it was amateur theatre, like a school play or something (despite having left school years ago). Realised I had learned none of my lines as we got close, made my excuses and bailed.

      At some point I was in an old football changing room talking to who I think was a former player ar Br Utd - Brian T.

      Part 2:
      Dreamscape changes and I'm playing in a bowling match with my mum and her partner against some other guys, away from home in what I percieved to be somewhere relatively local, maybe 30 miles or so away. The scene changed from a lawn, to a bedroom floor type carpet, to a weird surface with a target at one end. Anyway, we were losing, the players left and I was on my own waiting for them to come back. I got fed up and also felt I was to blame for us losing so I bailed, knowing there was a fun park nearby, I sat on a rollercoaster, which was like a large sperical glass case, like a bubble, with metal seats. The ride was intense and so life like for a bit and then it slowed and was an easy ride to the end. After I returned to the bowling green where my mum and her partner had just lost the game but their team won overall as they had all won their games. We were trying to work out mums score on a piece of paper, which came to something like 1642, but we realised that was unrealistic so we took a 1000 off and made it 642 (which is still unrealistic)

      Not much recollection of anything after that.
    15. 30/09/2012 - Lucid dream and multiple consecutive false awakenings

      by , 10-02-2012 at 02:08 AM
      No recall from the 28th or 29th (was drunk both nights).

      On the Sunday, had taken a couple of vallium tablets to soothe the hangover.

      Fell asleep on the couch from what seemed about 8:30pm, woke a few times, notably at midnight when I seemed to instantly slip into a Lucid Dream, I was having dinner with a guy I know and chatting away, fully aware I was dreaming. The restaurant was big and old fashioned, set up like a wedding but in a massive concert hall or piano bar (a very big piano bar). The waitress came over, they were all wearing lycra cleavage showing outfits and knowing I was lucid I attempted to pull the waitresses outfit to see what happened. She reacted angrily and slapped my hand away. This was a shock as generally when lucid I can do what I want. At some point not long after I woke up. Or so I thought.

      I had a false awakening, I realised this when things in the apartment were out of place so I visualised and moved to my mums back garden where I was hovering above. Until I woke again.

      Nope, another false awakening, confirmed when I went through to the bedroom to see 2 people I didn't know sitting on my bed, and the room didn't look anything like it does normally. There were also a set of legs protruding from the bottom of the bed, whether or not the being was conscious I don't know. There was a strong sexual energy from the pair on the bed that made me feel uncomfortable and I woke up.

      AGAIN into another false awakening I could tell by the living room being not as it is in real life, at this point I am starting to feel extremely disconcerted and so force myself to wake from the dream, this time into waking consciousness.

      I get up, do reality checks, use the bathroom and go to bed feeling extremely anxious and unsettled, into a sleep of dreams but not much recall and no lucidity. The next morning I felt a lot better and disappointed at the opportunities whilst lucid I had let slip by due to my own fears.
      lucid , false awakening
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