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    by , 02-27-2015 at 04:16 PM (246 Views)
    I'm in my house, and I have a really big pimple in my armpit. I squeeze it, and only a little bit of pus comes out. I keep squeezing it until something red pokes out. Thinking it's a drop of blood, I still squeeze it. A tiny fire ant squirms out. I crush it before it gets far. Now when I squeeze it, it hurts, and more ants are coming out. I'm trying to kill all of them. When they bite me, it hurts. A particularly big one gets stuck, and once I squeeze it out, that's the last straw.
    I go to mom, and tell her about my pimple. She says there's nothing she can do. I feel very helpless.
    Then, I wake up.

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    Tags: ants, gross, mom, short
    non-lucid , dream fragment