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    by , 05-13-2015 at 07:29 PM (518 Views)
    I haven't been remembering my dreams at all recently, so I'm rather happy I remembered some of this one..Non-lucid
    12:30-2:00PM NAP
    I'm at Grannie Annie's house, but it's not her actual house. She has a tall brick oven, in the kitchen, which opens up and you can walk into the garage, where she's storing a collection of vintage school desks. To get into the garage the other way, you have to walk outside. Her house is very tall, has many rooms and has a nursery for plants.
    I found a lizard in the nursery, and I need to get him outside. I pick him up, and walk to the kitchen. "Grannie Annie, did you just bake?" She nods at me. I sigh in annoyance, and go outside and into the garage. I decide I need to set him up a tank.
    I hot glue a book to one of the desks, believing I needed a flat space to make his tank. I build his tank on top of it, then immediately panic. I hot glued one of her prized vintage desks!
    I go back into the kitchen. More people are here.
    "Are you Alex?!" A tall, tan, freckly, older lady with black hair asks me excitedly.
    "Uh... yes? Yes. I am." I say.
    "Ah, you're so funny! I love reading your posts online!" She smiles broadly. "SO nice to meet you!"
    I shake hands with her, saying "thank you."
    I go back into the garage, where a little platinum-blonde haired boy is. He goes over to the desk, and pulls up the book, with some effort. I thank him profusely. He asks me, "Will you play with me? Nobody wants to play today." I agree.
    The scene changes. I'm at the pool, with Mackenzie and AJ. Julia is at the other end of the pool, looking very angry. AJ looks equally angry. AJ is ranting to Mackenzie quietly about Julia's 'attitude, especially today!'
    I ask her, "what's today?"
    "Mother Suicide Awareness Day." she replies.
    I look around. Lots of mothers are here with their children, which does mean that Mrs. T is here. The black-haired woman is here too!
    Then, I wake up.

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    1. ParanoidLlama's Avatar
      Drery vice neam! Oops, very nice dream!

      "Mother Suicide Awareness Day."
      Ahaha! MSAD. The day where you become mad and sad at the same time.

      "Ah, you're so funny! I love reading your posts online!"
      Well, we better find this person! Who do you suspect on the forums could be her? :O.
    2. thegoogy's Avatar
      Thank you very much for the compliment, ParanoidLlama. Sorry I'm just getting to this, I never received a notification...? Am I supposed to?