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    Magical Twins

    by , 03-11-2015 at 11:20 PM (302 Views)
    1PM-3PM nap
    I'm in a bed, in a room that's similar to mine, but outside my room is a mall. The ceiling outside my room is made of glass, letting in light. I can see pretty high up outside.
    As I'm sitting very cozily in my bed, I see a blonde girl at the ceiling. I sit up, worried about her. She jumps from floor to floor, coming down to the ground level where my room is. She grabs the low glass walls at each floor perfectly with each jump. "Don't do that!" I yell. "You'll hurt yourself!"
    She notices me before landing on the ground and walking into my room with a big smile. "Are you alright?" I ask. She nods. I breathe a sigh of relief. A girl who looks exactly like the first one comes in after her. "We're magicians," they say, together. "We can alter the gravity! It helps with our acrobatics."
    "But you didn't then!"
    "We've practiced doing that run a bunch."
    The one who was jumping said, "So I knew exactly what to do."
    "I don't believe that you can alter gravity." I say.
    They grin mischievously, and snap their fingers in unison. The gravity in my room lessens. Everything begins to float, including me and the twins! They easily "swim" around, while I grab the blankets from my bed. "B-But I'm naked!" I say, floating higher and higher. They don't seem to care. They start pushing and pulling me around gently, helping me get to wherever I want to go. I begin enjoying myself.
    Then, I wake up.
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