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    Bad Moon on the rise

    by , 06-02-2015 at 11:03 PM (469 Views)
    I find myself in my kitchen at my condo next to the balcony door. The un impressive sunlight that is barely shining finally goes dark as storm clouds blanket the sky. Rain and wind start blowing viscously and the rain blows straight into the house, I look over and the balcony door is wide open. I am not able to close it for the wind was so strong from the outside so I decided to step outside on the balcony to observe the massive storm. I look slightly up and too my right to see a sliver of the moon, the rest covered up by dark clouds. As I observe, the clouds seemingly vanish around the moon and soon the entire moon is present and it's so massive it takes up nearly 1/5 the sky, it was amazing and it seemed so realistic, the immensity and emotion I got from the moon made the dream collapse.


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    Tags: moon