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    Memorable Dreams

    1. The search for the Darwinian Cube!

      by , 06-01-2015 at 04:34 AM
      Me and Charles Darwin venture fourth into a nighttime setting of what looks like something out of a storybook or Skyrim. We travel down a deep mine shaft and we ended up in a vast dark chamber of sand and dirt, we continued to look for the lost treasure. Darwin pulls out our treasure Map but we our puzzled by it, suddenly I make a conclusion that the treasure is right in front of us! We move sand and dirt out of the way with our hands and gold treasure in a chest gleams in our faces. But then a highlander type character appears behind us! Darwin, about to be hacked down instantly responds to the vicious attacker and decapitates his head with a sharp dagger from his side. I look at the decapitated highlander figure, his head hanging on by a layer of skin, then all of a sudden his head reforms back to his body in a strange mannerism, it reformed in a claymation type way. This really freaked me out so I stabbed him in the heart with a dagger subsequently killing him.

      Beneath the gold was what we were really looking for, the Darwinian cube. I held the masterpiece in my hand as Darwin watched.
      "What a brilliant cube." I said
      Darwin explains to me how the cube holds the power to evolution and holds the secret to life, therefore we must handle it carefully because if we are to uncover the secret to life, we do not want to disrupt evolution by handling the cube.

      The dream ends here. I thoroughly enjoyed this dream due to its awesome natural creative story and how realistic it seemed.
      non-lucid , memorable
    2. Time machine

      by , 02-23-2015 at 12:29 AM
      I remember as far back as being at my elementary school playground, It was me and 3 other boys, two blond skater brothers and my somewhat good friend, Max. Our time machine was in the school bathroom, the bathroom was very dirty and had bad lighting, was almost nightmarish like. We were all on an adventure like a movie, we step into the time machine and we wanted to go back way into the past, the time machine was a small cylinder room full of bright buttons and a red lever, I pulled the lever and we went back in time, but we only went back two days.

      A small very annoying kid from my class calls us out from the entrance of the bathroom, "hey nerds!" he yells, we walk over to him and I say, "who the hell you calling nerds asshole?" He kept calling us nerds and I got angry, I thought about punching him but he was very small and I knew I shouldn't, then Max started beating him up, we just watched, he punched him hard in the mouth and the stomach repeatedly and wailed on him to a pulp, blood was all over the walls and we felt no remorse. I remember walking by his mangled twitching body on the ground, I think he was dead, but not sure, his arms and legs were broken and twisted, his face swollen red, and he had many missing teeth. We walk outside, everything seems normal, one of the brothers runs out to the playground while Max wandered off, I stood at the entrance of the bathroom, then I hear yelling at the playground, the brother at the playground pissed off a very large gang of school kids. I tell the brother next to me to find the others and get back to the time machine while I go back and fire up the time machine. Max runs back and gets in the time machine, the brothers are running with a angry mob behind them, we were about to time travel back to present day and they jump into the time machine just barely making it.

      Now present day we step out, and the angry mob is waiting for us, they pick who wants to beat up who, I'm taken into a stall where I fight a very large kid from my school, he was about 6'3 and probably weighed at least 250 pounds. He slapped me in the head and what was interesting about this was I felt pain, real physical pain in a dream. I then woke up. I performed a DEILD I then went back into the dream watching my old dream reform right before my eyes and next thing I knew I was back in my dream. I explored my old elementary school playground, it was an exact replica it seemed. I found a basketball and started playing, around this time I lost lucidity.