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    1. Home is Gone

      by , 06-20-2013 at 06:23 PM
      Home is Gone (Non-lucid)


      Coming around the corner, back from the store....I see our Del Vista house is gone, along with some neighbors, but not everyone.
      "Uhh, where is our house?"
      We get up closer, I get out to check it out. It looks like our house fell into a sinkhole, along with part of the park in the back.
      It has been condemned, we aren't supposed to enter.
      There is a wine blob growing inside and drowning the house, pushing out. We are inside, looking for things to salvage. It is obvious that we will be trapped soon. We swim through the wine blob. It pushes out and we surf it through the park.

      We go back and the house seems somewhat stable. I am looking for my things. We have nowhere to live.