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    Battle of Hogwarts (Non-Lucid)

    by , 07-13-2014 at 10:25 AM (865 Views)
    This dream was months or perhaps a year ago, not really sure, but it was a while ago and I still remember it, so I've written it down and would like to share it.

    (Spoilers for Deathly Hallows - but you probably already have read/watched/heard it by now and WARNING: mildly violent)

    I was at Hogwarts and it was the Battle of Hogwarts. I became a dragon at first but decided against it because I didn't want to steal the spotlight of the dragon that had already appeared in the book/film previously. I returned to human form but remained with flying and fire magic. I was flying and ended up in a fight with some student (not sure if he was in Slytherin) who was on the side of the death eaters. He was armed with a bow and arrow (despite it being a magic school, where he could've avada kedavra'd me to death, but no.)

    I deflected the arrows with a fire barrier I conjured, but the archer managed a special technique (can't remember what exactly) causing the arrow to fly at a higher speed and pierce through the barrier which got me shot in several places and I should've died, but I didn't. Instead I let my fire barrier weaken with the sudden blood loss, walked over to him with all my strength (didn't feel any pain, just weakened), ripped the arrow out of my chest and stabbed him with it.

    I then flew around, before losing energy to fly and begged people passing by me to take me to the hospital wing, soon it was forgotten and I discovered Fred Weasley's death, went to comfort George who was in his dorm bed crying but some random old man told me that I shouldn't disturb him because he was quite upset. Then I woke up.
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    1. Schmaven's Avatar
      That's a really cool dream. Sounds like a lot of fun! I especially like how you ripped the arrow out of your chest and used it as a weapon.
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    2. TheLucidDragon's Avatar
      Yeah it was awesome. He kept firing arrows me as I walked towards him and when I ripped the arrow out of my chest and went to stab him with it, you could just see in his eyes like "yep, I'm dead."
    3. Schmaven's Avatar
      Yeah, nothing like using the attacker's own weapon against them :-)
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    4. TheLucidDragon's Avatar
      It was awesome. I couldn't set him on fire because I was low on energy, but it would've been fun to burn him to ashes, but that was more epic in my opinion. And then flying away..