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    Chicken Man and a Mouse? (Non-Lucid)

    by , 07-25-2014 at 08:04 AM (619 Views)
    In the dream I was looking for a mouse that had gone missing (can't remember from where/what/who). I then went searching for it and someone told me to go talk to the chicken guy, who was a man with a chicken wing a head (but sometimes it was just part of his head, but that alternated during the dream). I then found him behind this fence and he dropped the mouse I was looking for that kind of floated to the ground like a leaf before scurrying off. I caught it and the chicken guy let me have it (even though it was originally his) and I ended up becoming friends with him.

    I was then searching through tubs, containers - anything I could keep the mouse in. He wa really tame and didn't run away if I set him on the ground. I then turned around and the chicken guy from before was running off with the mouse. I was angry at him stealing the mouse like that, soon I was in a bus and he was in one too, falling to the ground 'battling' next I was in a plane flying over the ocean.

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