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    Lucid Dream Bucket List Challenge

    by , 07-14-2014 at 10:05 AM (617 Views)
    Hello everybody!

    Like a regular bucket list, I've made one specifically for things I want to do in a lucid dream. I will be keeping an update on what I've achieved (in no particular order). I will keep you updated if I achieve any with my DJ in regards to what I did, how it went etc..

    Only rule is, is that it has to be lucid and controlled WILLINGLY for it to count

    Lucid Dream Bucket List:

    - Fly (with wings)
    - Use magic (conjure fire, electricity etc..)
    - Turn into an animal (wolf, bird, deer)
    - Become some form of animal hybrid (have a tail, animal ears, claws etc...)
    - Fight a dragon
    - Ride a dragon
    - BE a dragon
    - Go to a fantasy/fictional world
    - Create a fantasy world filled with creatures and people I want
    - Meet fictional characters (from shows, movies, books etc..)
    - Go to Hogwarts (befriend favourite characters)
    - Try getting to platform 9 3/4 by running at the wall
    - Travel to Hogwarts via the Hogwarts Express
    - Train surf the Hogwarts Express
    - See what Hogwarts house I get sorted into
    - See what my patronus would be
    - Talk to my subconscious
    - Have epic background music as I fight someone
    - Punch a random DC in the face
    - Summon someone I dislike and punch them in the face
    - Gain inspiration (for art, writing etc...)
    - Meet a celebrity/someone I admire
    - Convince a dream character that they're dreaming
    - Get a dream character to convince me I'm dreaming and deny it to see if they become impatient (or me, technically)
    - Go hunting with Sam and Dean from SPN (SPN = Supernatural)
    - See what happens between hunts (SPN)
    - Have a tour of the bunker guided by Sam and Dean (SPN)
    - Visit Crowley in the dungeon and just chat (SPN)
    - Run at abnormal speeds
    - Eat something
    - Summon monsters and fight them along with my DCs
    - Create my own creature/monster/animal
    - Go through a werewolf transformation
    - Gender swap - see what I'd look like as the opposite sex
    - Receive an assassination mission from a DC and carry it out
    - Teach the Macarena to Hogwarts students
    - Streak through Hogwarts' Great Hall whilst Dumbledore is giving an inspirational speech & see the reactions
    - Play a bunch of instruments and/or sing effortlessly
    - See how far I can throw something
    - Make something out of something impractical (eg; make ice cream out of a rock)
    - Pick a starter Pokemon from Professor Oak and train it (Charmander preferably)
    - Enter the world of Attack on Titan and shrink all of the Titans for comedic purposes
    - Enter the Game of Thrones world, find Jon Snow and follow him saying "You know nothin' Jon Snow"
    - Resurrect Joffrey, kill him, resurrect, kill him etc..
    - Go on an adventure into space with The Doctor (Doctor Who)

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