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    1. Lucid For A Second

      by , 08-04-2014 at 12:11 PM
      First thing I remember about the dream I was shopping, first in a grocery store and second in a town near me where I wanted to buy some pastries from the bakery. I don't really remember what happened here though.

      Next some guy kidnapped one of my friends brother and also locked up various other people for people to gawk at. I soon realise the situation and start saying that this is completely wrong because humans are not animals and this isn't a zoo. Next some lady came up (who was with putting humans in cages) and every protest I made she would just mimic and I found her really bloody annoying and even said how annoying she was in her face. Soon I was in some field, people were everywhere, including the kidnapper who looked like a teenager wearing a fake beard. I start to trip over or just fall casually and the kidnapper/woman (don't know who) was walking up to me to hurt me.

      "I'm dreaming!" I say spontaneously. I soon realise, yes, I am dreaming and told the kidnapper to get out of my dream, which he did. Next I turned to the really annoying woman and tried to throw fire at her, nothing came out though, but the second time round I managed to get a fireball going which was blue and looked really blotchy and not like fire at all. I shot it out and instead of the woman, the kidnapper was in the way but managed to dodge out of the way.

      Next I was in a public bathroom, the walls around the toilet were quite short and I wasn't wearing shoes so I had to walk on my toes so it didn't come in contact with the wet and gross ground. After I had done my business, a bunch of year sevens were right outside the cubicle near some kind of shoe-shelf and was talking about getting ice cream sundaes and I was self-conscious that if I stood up to pull up my pants they would see me (even though they could only see my top half). And I woke up pretty soon after that.

      I should've done a reality check at that moment, but I've been slacking off in the waking world with RCs (oopsies). But I'm glad I managed to get lucid, I didn't even expect it to happen at all.
    2. First Lucid Attempt

      by , 07-16-2014 at 07:42 AM

      First dream I had during the night was a dream of me scrolling the DV forums (wish I did a RC then) and after that I woke up

      Second dream, I went roller skating and saw a guy I know from school in it, one thing I noticed was that I was EXTREMELY short as well. Somewhere in the dream I went off with some random guy with long sandy blond hair, talking about something whilst walking amongst beams and ropes. During our walk, he managed to slip and fall and broke an arm.

      Next, I appeared in a massive house, I had a pet tiger who didn't look like a regular tiger, he was fat and round and had a head was the size of a boulder and he often growled like a dog. Somewhere during that part of the dream, I got upset over something (can't recall what) and I started seeing copies of the same person and I thought they were stalking me.

      Later in the dream, someone gave me a tour of a room where they head heaps of pets (from cats, dogs, a pelican (who was super aggressive). Next I was in my front room of my house with heaps of birds and somehow ended up in my room. I went to turn on a light and it lit up some kind of billboard hanging on my wall and I thought, that's not what the light is suppose to do, tried to do finger through hand, didn't go through, but as soon as I plugged my nose and breathed out

      "I'm dreaming!" I think. I stop myself, since I became a little excited and my dream started fading. I shouted "stabilize!" but the dream faded out

      Woke up in my bed, with my laptop sitting there (false awakening), thought that can't be right, did the nose plug again-

      - I became lucid again. But as soon as I plugged my nose and became lucid, I started falling into nowhere. I saw text flying past me, then it went grey and I just kept falling and falling, I tried to concentrate on teleporting somewhere by imagining a door to the Great Hall in Hogwarts, I even tried demanding vocally "take me to Hogwarts!", which didn't work so I thought what else can I do in a lucid, jokingly thought sex, then a sound of a voice message being activated intruded my dream with someone starting to talk about sex and I thought "I don't want this" and I felt myself losing lucidity as well so I forced myself awake.

      Woke up, and saw the remains of my dream being sucked away right before my eyes at the speed of light. It was a failed attempt at controlling, I'm still unsure if I dreamt of being lucid at one point, but I definitely became aware at some stage. The only good thing is that I managed to get a RC into my dream, which is something I'm quite proud of. It means I'm getting there . Will try again tonight.