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    Riding Dragons (Non-Lucid)

    by , 07-20-2014 at 01:03 AM (797 Views)
    First part of the dream, I was notified about school clubs, I don't ever remember them being read out but I ended up choosing child care at first.

    I was in this floating oval field with dirt and there were kids everywhere. My brother was there and started having a grudge towards my choice for clubs, telling me "you just chose it because you think its easy, it's really not." Eventually I realized I didn't want to do this and quit and began thinking about other clubs.

    I was then having an online chat with one of my friends from school (who we'l call Bryan), he was talking about getting his own sword for the sword club and was checking the law of Australia to see if it was okay to own a sword, apparently it was. Then it clicked, I wanted to join the sword club.

    I then had a flashback of the clubs being read out, specifically sword fighting, it was a club you couldn't back out of and only the strongest and bravest could join. I was having second thoughts but I finally came to the decision to do it.

    Next thing I know I'm in some kind of dojo, Bryan was there along with someone else from school who we'll call Jeremy. Jeremy could turn into the hulk and I thought it suited him.

    I'm suddenly on the edge of the cliff, I see myself in third person on top of a golden orange dragon about the size of Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon. My friend Bryan was there and told me that mounting the dragon was a good first step for that day and we should probably head back. I looked at him with disappointment, but I wanted to fly. Then I started walking my dragon closer to the cliffs edge, down below was the ocean, waves hit the sharp rocks below, but I knew I could do this. Bryan started protesting, telling me I better not do what he thinks I'm doing. Without a thought, I ordered my dragon to fly off. At first I had no control, I was going really fast, I tried going down and just before we could hit the water, my dragon swooped up and I was in control of him.

    Soon I flew into a city and spotted a puppy falling from a skyscraper. I had my dragon swoop down and catch it just before it hit the ground. I got to the ground safely and returned the dog to its owner. Bryan came flying next to me on his dragon with a scowl at first, but realized my actions and smiled, he patted my back and told us to get out of there.

    I was back into first person, and I was some sort of shopping centre with two of my other friends, one of them popped a massive balloon and I don't remember anything exciting happening there.

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