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    1. The Nursery School

      by , 01-19-2021 at 09:50 PM
      Yet another dream where I seen to be stuck in my childhood, even in my childhood home. I still can't understand why I don't have dreams about the beautiful new condo I just moved into.

      Dad enrolls my younger sister in an after-school program and wants me to take her there. I drive there ahead of time to scope it out, and it turns out to be a day care for kids too young for kindergarten! (For context, my "baby" sister turns 40 this year.) I go home… to my childhood home, that is, and try to explain to Dad why this nursery school is all wrong. I'm standing in the garage, looking out at a snow-covered driveway. I walk out to the driveway and there's a car parked there, but it's not my car. I look back into the two-car garage, where my car appears to be wedged between another car and the garage wall at a 45˚ angle. It can't be car, can it? It's not driveable at the angle. Maybe I left the car at the nursery school. I try to get someone to take me there to look for the car.
    2. A Super Overnight Stay

      by , 01-16-2021 at 06:31 PM
      Superman's mom lives in a fancy Park Avenue apartment and is hosting a bunch of girls, including me, for an overnight stay. It has something to do with the scouts and it's required. I don't mind, because the old lady gives out used bits of designer clothing if you impress her. Apparently she gave me a sweatshirt last year. This time, I manage to impress her by demonstrating how to put together baby bottles with drop-in liners. My coworker Angie is sitting next to me and she's grumbling that "this is b---s--- that I have to spend time away from my kids" as Superman's mom is talking. I'm only half-listening to Angie because Superman lives with 4 different women and has kids with each, and I want gossip. I do have a vague sense of disappointment that we're talking DC characters and not Marvel.

      Massive missed opportunity for the Task of the Year if Superman's mom is handing out clothing!
    3. Advice From A Crow

      by , 12-25-2020 at 04:47 PM
      I hadn't had a lucid dream in quite a while, which was starting to worry me. But this time I was finally successful.

      I'm lying in bed, remembering a previous dream from earlier in the night, when I doze off, lucid from the start. I saw a crow, perched in front of me so I could see his glossy black feathers. I gently stroked down his back, concentrating on how it felt to touch him. Crows are supposed to be very intelligent. I wonder if he would have something to day to me, but instead he hopped up onto my shoulder. Noting the feel of his talons digging lightly into my shoulder, I moved on.

      I found myself in the Magic Kingdom. On my left was the facade for It's A Small World, and on my right was a bar. (A bar, in the Magic Kingdom? Walt would flip out.) I took a seat at the end of the bar, noting the Formica bar top that felt a little cheap, and the pegboard backing where the wall should be. Somehow, I found myself sitting across from my friend Dave. I want to know what he has to say to me. He starts out with, "My wife and I…" but trails off as I wait with expectation.

      The scene shifts and I'm walking down a set of stairs, the crow still on my shoulder, occasionally nipping at my earlobe. I ask the crow again if he has something to tell me, and all he said was, "Caw caw m*th*rf*ck*r."

      At the bottom of the stairs is a train platform, but this is Disney World, so there's a monorail instead of a train. Dave, the crow, and I step onto the monorail. Now I'm in the break room at work. A coworker hands me a gift-wrapped box. I peel off the wrapping and lift off the top, but instead of a gift, what pops out is a jack-in-the-box. Dave reappears, and I ask if he has something to tell me. He says, ""Look, you know how to do this." Good advice, I realize.
      And then I wake up.
    4. Burn It To The Ground

      by , 06-30-2016 at 04:58 PM
      I'm in the backseat of a car. There's a hot European guy that I know who is sitting in front on the right side of the car. He's driving, and I'm a little confused as to why he's driving from the right side. Maybe because he's from Europe? My mind goes over all the complications of driving a European-style car on American streets. There's a big, beefy guy sitting in front on the left side. I wonder if he's the bodyguard. When he shifts, I notice he also has a steering wheel on his side. Who's driving?

      I woke up rather abruptly due to the sound of the cat throwing up. After cleaning up the mess, I checked the time and found that it was still way to early in the morning to be up. I went back to bed, trying to remember what I had been dreaming about before. I focused on the mental image of Hot European Guy as I drifted off.

      I am on a ship (or maybe it a balcony on a cliff?), looking out over the railing. There is a long drop to the water below. The sea is a gorgeous shade of blue-green. There are all sorts of ships below me, and my eye is drawn to one that was half sailboat, half whale? The image starts fading and I know the false awakening is coming. I find myself in the kitchen of the house I just moved out of last week. Right away, I knew I could not really be there. I start heading for the door, though I find a bunch of rainbow-colored straws that are blocking my way. But I kept going, because I knew I'm not supposed to be there anymore. I make it out the door. At this point, I am almost awakened by the sound of a motorcycle revving outside. I focus on the dream imagery, and Hot European Guy appears on the street on a motorcycle. He tells me to hop on. I carefully climb on behind him, grabbing his hips with both hands and press my front against his back. I have a vague memory of the task of the year involving a dragon, and I will the motorcycle to turn into a dragon with Hot European Guy and I clinging to its back. He turns around and asks me what I want to do. I point to my old neighborhood and told him to burn it to the ground. I'm never coming back here.
    5. Outside The Window

      by , 03-21-2016 at 04:57 PM
      I was walking down the stairs, peeking through the picture window to see what the weather was like outside. There was no car in the driveway. That didn't make sense; I've been keeping my dad's car in the driveway while he was unable to drive. Instantly suspicious, I look out the window again to confirm what I just saw. The car was there, but it was covered in a pile of mud and leaves so that it appeared to disappear into the landscape. Yup, I'm definitely dreaming. There's only one thing I can think of doing in a dream. I picture my crush, standing in front of me. I run to him and kind of launch myself at him, wrapping my arms and legs around his much-taller body as I plant a big smooch on him. He wasn't as sturdy as he seemed, though, and we both fall over. I think my head hits the floor. The dream changes, and I find myself back in front of my window where this all started. The scene outside can only be described as a post-apocalyptic nightmare. There are all these roaming animals fighting each other. My sister's sweet little cat comes up to me and I pick him up, making a promise that I would keep him safe from the horrors outside. He bites me.
    6. The Staircase

      by , 06-19-2015 at 05:59 PM
      I'm on my street, except there's no houses, just empty lots partitioned by fences. There's a crazy woman named Betsey that lives two lots away. She comes over to tell me that she's getting married and moving away, although she only seems to head to a lot across the street. After she walks away, a group of neighbors congregates on my lot to talk about what they want to build. Somehow, the whole group decides they need to see my basement. There's a staircase that appears that leads down to the basement. The rest of the group heads down, with me tailing behind them. The staircase has a really low ceiling. Actually, it's so low that I can't walk upright. I end up crawling down the stairs on my hands and knees. Even when I reach the bottom, the ceilings are still low enough that they're just inches above my head. I make a joke about how it's bad when the shortest person barely fits, and everyone laughs. While most of the basement is finished, there's a door that leads to an unfinished room. One of the women in the group breaks off and checks out the room. She returns with a lot of things that she says were left behind by the contractor. They all seem to be stickers, but there's also some kind of document in a sheet protector. As I read it over, I find that it's a birth certificate for my younger sister. I'm shocked that it lists Betsey as my sister's mother! There are other strange details, like Betsey being bored because she was unemployed.
    7. The One In Which Nothing Makes Sense

      by , 06-18-2015 at 05:39 PM
      I'm working with several others to get tags for a lot of untagged merchandise so it can go back to the sales floor. We seem to be working in the dark in an empty storefront, which is a much larger space than the small security desk that I'm used to. We're also working in the dark, which doesn't faze me. What does get my attention is that I'm having equipment troubles trying to print tags, but miraculously, I find the right tags on the desk. The phone rings and I try to answer it since I'm the closest person, but I can't figure out how the system works. There are so many buttons! I hit one and accidentally answer on speakerphone -- or so I think. One of our assistant managers is on the line and praises someone on our team. Then another person comes over and points out that I'd put the call on the PA system so it was broadcast throughout the building.

      One of my team members needs to be treated by a doctor, and I join her husband in the waiting room to give some support. The doctor tells us that they'll have to amputate the woman's foot. He gives me a folder with some more information on recovery from amputations. I start leafing through it and notice that it's full of jokes! I'm somewhat in shock, wondering who the hell put this together and thought it was appropriate to add the jokes.

      I step outside and see a restaurant that I want to try since I'm not always in the downtown area at lunchtime. It's a strange set-up. I enter the building on the ground floor, but the dining room is apparently in the basement. I head down a flight of stairs but don't see a host stand to wait at to be seated. I start moving towards the back of the room and find myself in the kitchen. There's a pale guy wearing a suit, and I realize he is the owner. He ignores me, but I don't linger in the kitchen too long. I head back to the stairs and see there is a large line snaking around the staircase. The owner comes over, and it turns out that he is working double duty as host. He tells a couple in line that there's a two-hour wait to get a table.

      I head outside, irritated that I'll have to find someplace else for lunch. I find myself wandering around a parking deck, trying to find my way back to the street to look for other restaurants. Somehow, I end up back in a car. I start driving down the road, but the car seems to veer towards crowds of people lining the right side of the street. I panic, wondering why the car is heading straight into the crowd, and it veers suddenly to the left.

      I'm now in a hospital room where my sister is in bed. She is complaining about how she contacted a childhood friend about her illness, but her friend never responded. I tell her it doesn't seem likely since we've had a falling out with the whole family. There's a bar(!) at the side of the room and I offer to fix her a drink(!). She points out that she can't have too much caffeine but "8 oz of Coke should be okay." I'm trying to measure out 8 oz. when I hear her talking to someone. I turn around and there's the mother of the ex-friend, yelling at my sister to that we'll never hear from her family again because our dad insulted them. I start to argue back, wanting to protect my sister, but I wake up.
    8. On The Road With The Boys

      by , 06-17-2015 at 05:50 PM
      Interesting to note that this non-lucid dream incorporated the action I had planned to try while lucid.

      I'm driving down the highway. There's a pair of guys with me, and they're brothers. I think they're both band members who are on tour for the summer. We stop off briefly to get gas, and when I get back in the car, I notice that the seat doesn't quite feel right. I fiddle with the adjustment, but the next thing I know, the brothers and I are walking down the hallway of a motel. We must have stopped for the night. One of the brothers pulls me into a room. We start making out on the bed. He says something about how our relationship isn't proper since we're related, but he can't help the way he feels about me. I think I recognize him as the guy I've been interested in lately (who is definitely not a relative).
      non-lucid , memorable
    9. Leaving On An Overnight Train

      by , 05-18-2015 at 04:56 PM
      First lucid dream I've had in nearly a year!

      Two friends and I are starting a long trip, and the first step is taking a train to the airport. The train is very crowded, but we manage to find three seats together. It's late and night and both of my friends immediately doze off. I'm too worried about losing track of my bags if I fall asleep. I have my backpack, but I also have a couple of shopping bags filled with magazines and envelopes containing important documents. Why didn't I just put the important stuff in the backpack? It would have been so much easier! I rummage through the bags and find a large carabiner. I use it to clip the shopping bags to my backpack. There's a kid who comes up to me to ask what I'm doing. I try to give him a curt answer and send him away, but his mother sits next to me and won't stop talking.

      I find myself in an antiques store in the city with the mother. We need some information, and I decide that the store clerk needs to look up an registry and print it out for us. There's a table with a plexiglass top and several dry-erase markers sitting nearby. I think the clerk will have an easier time looking up our information if I write down the names she needs to look up. But my attempt to write "registry" comes out as "S J" in an elaborate font. I stare at it and can't imagine that I wrote something that complex. The woman starts yelling at me, asking how stupid I am if I can't spell our names. I tell her, "I'm sorry. Sometimes when I'm dreaming, I have trouble writing." I look at her, then look at the clerk as it sinks in: this is a dream! I try to remember if I had any goals in mind, but come up empty. The only thing that comes to mind is that I want ice cream. So I march through the store entrance, which turns into a hallway in an old Victorian house. I pass several rooms looking for a kitchen, but it seems I'm out of practice at staying lucid. I get distracted by a parlor room full of people.
    10. Round Trip

      by , 07-08-2014 at 02:53 AM
      Dad and I are at a hospital to visit his friend HD. We spend some time in a waiting room without actually seeing him. We head to the elevator to go down to the lobby. There is a patient room right across from the elevator. We get into the elevator and while waiting for the door to close, I see HD is in that room. He reaches out and I can't tell if he's trying to wave at us or reaching for us to come back and see him.

      The elevator turns into a monorail car and shuttles us off to -- North Korea? I'm not so sure that this is a good idea. Hopefully we don't stay around too long. To my relief, we don't stay long. The monorail doesn't even make any stops.

      The next thing I know, I'm on a cruise ship off the coast of Alaska. I'm watching a group of killer whales from the deck. Somehow, I can see what is happening under water as well as on the surface. The whales have odd markings on their bellies with black dots where they should be all-white. I want to get a picture of the whales, but I can't see to figure out how to take a picture on my iPhone. The ship docks and I get off at some kind of scenic overlook to try taking pictures. It's kind of a weird set-up. There's a two-story building with a McDonald's on the lower level and a viewing point on the upper level. Once again, I have trouble trying to take a picture.
    11. Well, That Didn't Last Very Long (Task of the Month)

      by , 06-03-2014 at 07:03 PM
      I park a little red sports car by the side of the road and walk back towards a Target a short distance away. I pick up a few items like a pink teddy bear and a comb, then proceed to the check out. I feel like the lines are too long, so I head to the other side of the store, where there are more registers with no one waiting. Then I realize I'm carrying the straw from a small juice box, but not the juice box itself. It doesn't make sense, so I head back through the store to find the missing juice box. Somehow, I find myself outside in the parking lot, having bought nothing. You have to pay to park in the store's parking lot, but I see signs advertising their Black Friday special with $10 all day parking. Somehow, it seems like a great bargain to me. I go back to the little red sports car to move it to the lot.

      I ended up doing a long WBTB, as I had to wait for someone to come over and pick something up. Once I went back to bed, I found that it took me a long time to fall asleep again, until eventually I realized that the dream had started while I was focused on dozing off.

      I'm sitting on the couch, and I can hear footsteps on the stairs. But I remember that I had just gone to bed, so I know this is a dream. I get up and walk to the front door, then pass right through the screen door since yeah, I don't need to open doors in a dream. Outside, the sky is a deep shade of blue -- nothing out of the ordinary, but I'm just blown away at how realistic this all is. I start to run down the street, feeling the stretch in my legs.

      Down the street, I see a guy shooting baskets. I stop to watch him, and when he notices me, he acknowledges me and says "Hey."

      "Hey," I say back, imitating him. I continue to watch him, with seems to make him a little self-conscious.

      After a while, he asks, "Is there something you want?"

      I have a crazy idea at this point and start unbuttoning my top as I repeat, "Is there something you want?"

      His eyes almost pop out of his head as he says, "Oh."

      I rub my breasts as I repeat his "Oh," except I turn it into a moan.

      He races over, grabs me and we tumble into the grass as we make-out. It's pretty good, but I get distracted by something else happening.
      There's a police car that pulls over a guy right in front of my neighbor's house, and I'm trying to see what is going on.
      lucid , task of the month
    12. A Date With The Romanian Cute (Tumblr Would Be Jealous)

      by , 05-29-2014 at 05:22 PM
      Look at me, haven't successfully had a lucid dream in a week and I started to worry about my ability. Today's dream showed me that I have nothing to worry about, and what the heck I was doing wrong all week: attempting WILDs when I wasn't fully relaxed. It also must have been the accidental WBTB, as I had been awake for 2 hours but dozed off.

      There's a building where lots of stolen merchandise has been found on the roof with no explanation. Even more unusual is that the building is on a university campus. Dad and I go there for a political meeting. He keeps talking about corrupt politicians and holding them accountable. I'm just tagging along because he can't drive. In the elevator, we're given a brief glimpse of the stolen goods through the ceiling of the elevator(?). Then we go to the meeting, which is being held in a classroom. They're doing standardized testing in the same room. People mistake me for a student and hand me test papers and a pencil. I'm a bit surprised to see them opening a hidden panel in the wall to get to the pencil boxes. I start assembling a plastic storage container to hold more pencils, but then I realize it will be too bulky to take it with me, so I disassemble it. Now I notice that the pencils are being kept in pink kid's shoe boxes. Someone hands me a school newsletter. It's got to me one of the strangest ones I've ever seen because it has packages of candy and food attached to it. I unwrap one of the slices of cheese that comes with with newsletter and munch on it as I try to read it. I'm actually kind of pissed that the university hasn't spoken publicly to students about the stuff on the roof or how they should deal with the media attention. I go to say this to Dad, but when I look out the window, I see a plane flying upside down.

      I watch with terror as the plane keeps climbing and falling, all while flying upside down. It's going to crash, right? Why am I the only one who has noticed, and why doesn't anyone else care! It's because I'm dreaming. I take a moment to revel in how realistic the dream is. Then I consider what I should do. I briefly remember the Jack and the Beanstalk task, but then I remember that I've been doing task after task for a while and I want something more personal, something romantic. The scene changes to a ballroom, with me wearing a fancy one-shouldered formal dress. I touch the edge of the shoulder strap and I'm surprised that it's metal, not fabric. It's more like some kind of necklace holding the dress up. Then Cute Guy showed up (and I realized I've been spending too much time on Tumblr). I think he's going to dance with me, but instead, we head outside and have an intimate little chat. He asks me what I want, and I ask him to take me to Romania, which makes him laugh. But we somehow end up in a Romanian castle. He takes me to this bedroom with a four-poster bed and whispers to me, "This is where we're going to conceive our first child."

      I "wake up" in a sunny bedroom in a house that is unfamiliar. I'm absolutely buzzing over the fact that I not only had a lucid dream, but that I had a lucid dream about a date with Cute Guy. I look at the clock and it seems later than I realized, and I remember that I have a meeting to get to. I'll have to write this up later for my dream journal since I'm running late. I start to look around for something to wear, remembering that the pajama top I wore last night was a bit sheer. Then I remember that I'm alone in this house and no one's going to care if I run around naked. I step out of the bedroom and head down a large spiral staircase. Light pours in from the floor to ceiling windows along the front of the house. I live here? This is awesome! I head outdoors (wait, wasn't I wearing the sheer pajama top?) and find myself rushing across a college campus with friends. My goal is the campus bookstore to pick up a tote bag to take to my meeting. My friends are grumbling about security not removing people trying to sign students up for credit cards. Almost as if on cue, several of them appear in our path, trying to push "free" beach towels on us. "You've got to admire one thing, though," says the girl next to me. "Think of how good their willpower is. This guy goes to all the college parties and he's not allowed to pick up any girls!" And then I wake up for real.

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    13. The Baby, The Witch And The Beach (Task of the Year)

      by , 05-23-2014 at 07:32 PM
      I'm walking out of a building, perhaps a large hotel, onto a sand dune. The dune slopes downwards to a beach with waves crashing. The water is a deep blue, and oddly enough, the sand where the beach meets the water's edge is also blue. I start to wake up on this point, but I dig my heels in -- literally -- and try to stay with the dream. I can feel my heels digging into the sand. The scene changes and now I'm running down the stairs of my house. I know this is a dream and that I can probably get back to the beach, and sure enough, I find it right outside my front door. I decide to try flying since I haven't done it for a while. That reminds me that the last time I flew in a dream, it was when I was trying the Hansel and Gretel task. I wonder if I should try finishing it now…

      And just like that, I'm in the witch's house. This time around, she looks just like Snow White's evil stepmother (the animated version, not the Once Upon A Time one). She's complaining that it's taking forever to fatten up Hansel. I get a glimpse of him outside in his cage, except it's actually Shezza from that season 3 episode of "Sherlock." (No wonder the witch is having trouble fattening him up, with Benedict Cumberbatch being so long and lean for the role.) The witch pinches me and comments on how at least I'll be nice and plump enough for a snack, then tells me to go take care of the baby. Wait, baby? Yes, there's a nice chubby baby that the witch is saving for dessert. There's this strange interlude where I'm trying to change the baby's diaper and trying to remember how to fold and pin a cloth diaper.

      There is a huge oven in the witch's house, and I complain that the oven door is too big for me to open by myself. The witch grumbles, but she does open the oven door. She's maneuvered herself so that she's between me and the oven. I don't hesitate before kicking the witch's behind and shoving her headfirst into the oven, then slamming the door shut. I grab the baby and run outside to release Shezza from his cage. While we're outside, we can hear the oven timer go off. Shezza says we should go back inside and see how the cooked witch turned out. I'm pretty reluctant to do it (this was the part of the task that I was least comfortable with) but eventually I'm persuaded to go back into the house. Inside, Shezza is pulling a large tray out of the oven with a gingerbread woman on it. We break off a few pieces and, yes, it takes just like a gingerbread cookie.

      I think I'm done at this point, and I find myself back in my bedroom, packing a bag. But I know this must be some kind of false awakening because I don't remember getting out of bed to begin with. I try to remember anything else I wanted to accomplish, but I'm drawing a blank. Without a goal, I can't cling to the dream anymore and wake up.
    14. Pregnant Lady Coming Through (Bonus Task of the Month)

      by , 05-16-2014 at 07:09 PM
      I'm at work when I hear a call for back-up cashiers. I head up front to see where I can help, but I'm confused by what I see. There's only one line, even if it looks a little long, and there's cashiers milling around with nothing to do. I question whether they really need any back-up and I decide I might as well hop on the first open register. There's a woman with several kids who had dumped a pile of things directly on the scanner. When I ask if she needs help, she says that she's using the self check-out and doesn't need a cashier. But we don't have self check-out. I realize she's a little confused, so I ring up her items. She tries to pay by check, but she signs the top of the check instead of the bottom. Also, she's signed with two names, and one of them is Sandor Clegane? Something doesn't feel right about this. I ask her for ID, and she tells me that she doesn't have one but it's her husband's check, so we'll have to wait for him. And we wait. And wait… Her husband finally makes his way over at a snail's pace. He takes a look at the total on the screen, but refuses to hand over any sort of ID. Instead, he claims they haven't spent enough money! He then wants me to tell him all the sales this week so he can figure out what else to buy.

      By now, I'm getting really angry at how this family is wasting my time. I consider voiding the transaction and walking away, but I'm really not sure I can get away with that. I try to remember what this week's promotions are, but I'm stumped. It must be the first day of the week, and I probably didn't get a chance to check the weekly ads. But we have sales circulars for reference at every register. I grab the one at my register, except instead of a circular, it's a binder covered with flowers. I see a wire rack with more circulars, so I run to grab one. But when I take a closer look, I realize that they're just magazines. At this point, I see S, the security guy, walk past me in his uniform. I call out to him since I haven't seen him for a while. He stops, but he seems to shrink about a foot in height. He turns around and I see it's actually T, another coworker from a completely different area (who is also about a foot shorter than S). I ask him why he's wearing the uniform, and he explains that he's just helping out while S is on vacation.

      I still need to find that damned sales circular. I decide to try grabbing one from another register, but there's a little obstacle in my way: a pond. Yes, there's a pond in the store, apparently. It's about five feet in diameter and it's blocking my path to the closest register. Oddly enough, it looks just like the retention pond outside my old junior high school. I skirt around the pond's edge, but somehow I end up walking through the water. It's not very deep, barely coming up to my shins, but I can feel my feet sinking into the mud. There's a girl I don't recognize working on the register next to the pond. I ask her for a sales circular, and she smiles as she hands over her copy. But this isn't what I expected. For one thing, it's handwritten, and it's dated May 6th. None of this makes sense… because this is a dream. There's a moment where I'm full of indecision, not sure what I should do: tell the irritating customers to get lost or abandon this dream scene entirely by spinning.

      Almost immediately, the dream starts to fade. I focus on the sensation of sinking into the mud and try to ignore my real body. It's a bit difficult, but eventually I'm back at my register with this crazy family still not finished checking out until I tell them what's on sale. I hit the void key, toss the void slip at them, and walk away. I've had enough of them.

      I start walking the perimeter of the store to give myself enough time for the dream to stabilize. I'm joined by S as I walk. At one point, we come across a large crowd that's blocking our way. S barges ahead, but he transforms into yet another coworker. I watch his back as his uniform fades away and turns into a different shirt. The crowd grows thicker and keeps me from moving forward. I don't know how to get through this obstacle at first, then I have an idea. I shout, "HEY! PREGNANT LADY COMING THROUGH!" The crowd immediately parts. I look down and see that I am very, very pregnant.

      The store fades away and I find myself in a hospital birthing suite, lying on a bed, preparing to give birth. There's no pain. In fact, there's no pressure or any other sensation that I would have expected. Really, I just feel happy that I'm finally about to do this. The baby comes out -- except it's not a baby I see, but a six-foot-tall man wearing swim trunks. He's very tan and has extremely light blond hair that looks like it's been bleached by the sun. He looks at me and says, "Bro, I've gotta catch some waves. See you later!" before taking off. I'm confused why he would call me "bro."

      Next to me, someone says, "You know, I had hair that light when I was a kid." I look over and realize the man standing next to me is Benedict Cumberbatch, and I remember him saying something similar in an interview last year. He stands up to leave, and I see that he's wearing a tuxedo and carrying a top hat. I ask him to stay. Actually, I start pleading with him to stay, but he says he has an event to go to.
      Then I wake up.
      lucid , task of the month
    15. The Private Residence of a Queen

      by , 05-12-2014 at 04:42 PM
      I am watching a documentary that shows sweeping vistas of a house on the shore of a lake in Sweden. The camera zooms in, and suddenly I am standing in front of the house. It's a cute split-level ranch that looks completely unassuming, but then I spot the plaque near the door: "The Private Residence Of A Queen." Then Queen Silvia of Sweden steps out the front door. I wonder why she needs a private residence when she has a palace. Or maybe this is where she lived before she married the king? I'm startled to notice that there are Starfleet insignia details in the brickwork, which instantly makes the house so much more interesting.

      Then I am taken to a private reception with the King of Spain and the crown prince. We are offered some special cheese from northern Spain that has all these raisins in it. The king wonders how they started making cheese like this, and I started giving a lengthy explanation of the history of the town where the cheese comes from. The king seems delighted with my command of history. Actually, the look on his face implies that he finds me delightful, too. His son, the crown prince, immediately moves to shield me from his father's attention.
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