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    1. Guns in the Backyard

      by , 02-10-2011 at 05:20 PM

      The dream apparently started in my backyard. Three or four people were standing next to the tree there, and most of them were holding a gun. I approached them, and fortunately they didn't shoot at me. Suddenly one of them fell over, and I picked up his pistol and loaded it. As soon as he got up, I pointed the gun at his head and shot him. He fell to the ground. The other people began walking toward me in a threatening manner. I loaded the pistol and shot two of them, leaving only one to go. It was a girl with what looked more like a Nerf gun that a real one. She just casually walked past me toward a swing set in the yard. I pointed my gun at her, but the trigger did nothing. She grinned evilly at me, and put my ammo (I had no idea how she'd gotten it) into her gun. Suddenly I became lucid and stood up to her. She began shooting these rectangles at me, but they did nothing, even when they hit me dead-on. I loudly declared, "I'm lucid! No matter what you try, you can't harm me!" My opponent disappeared a moment later.

      The lucid dream continued from here, but I don't want to post the whole thing. There are some things in my dreams that I just don't want people to know about. However, I will say that during this lucid dream, I completed the Basic ToTM for February; a record of that is posted in the corresponding thread.
    2. The Tale of the Drunk Classmate

      by , 02-03-2011 at 02:03 PM

      The dream began with me outside of a shop plaza with a classmate of mine. I was trying to get her into a restaurant in the corner of the plaza, where I planned on using the fifty cents I had in my pocket to buy ice cream. However, she was stumbling around and groaning, because she was drunk. I grabbed her right wrist and began leading her toward the restaurant. Eventually she stopped struggling and I let her go. She then reached down and grabbed a twig from the ground, which she threw at one of the people in the plaza. I immediately yelled at her, grabbed her wrist again, and murmured "Sorry," under my breath. After pulling on her a little more, I asked her if she had any money with her to buy something. She said, "No." I told her that I had fifty cents that I was going to buy ice cream with.

      At this point, either I had a lapse in memory (when recalling the dream), or the dream warped me.

      I then was in the parking lot outside the plaza, and my classmate had disappeared. Even though she wasn't there, for some reason I now thought of her as my aunt (but my aunt looks nothing like her). My father pulled up next to me in a minivan and called for me. While the car was still in motion, I jumped in through the open passenger door. The car did a U-turn so that I was facing the curb. We drove past a woman, and she waved to me (apparently my father was trying to show her that he found me). What's really ironic is: I think she was my aunt.
    3. My First WILD: An Afternoon Nap

      by , 11-12-2010 at 12:19 AM
      I got home from school and thought, "I'm tired. I'm going to take a twenty-minute nap." So I came upstairs and launched myself into bed. I didn't even know that I'd kept my mind conscious when my body began to fall asleep after about fifteen minutes.
      I could've sworn I heard some sort of scraping/ticking noise. I felt the pulsing of my heartbeat under my skin all over my body. I suddenly just knew, "This is what sleep paralysis feels like. I've done it."
      As soon as the pulsing stopped, I opened my eyes. I could see a picture of my room, but it was fragmented, distorted. Just to make sure, I tried to check my hands---I had no fingers at all! I think I did something wrong because I had to force myself to move. In other words, I was still paralyzed. Suddenly the view shifted and everything went back to normal. I did a reality check and was awake. I felt so terrible!