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    Dream Forests and Cheese Graters - First Lucid Dream

    by , 04-19-2015 at 03:45 AM (675 Views)
    This is the first lucid dream that I had on 18-03-2014. It was the start of my lucid dreaming journey, so it is pretty important for me.

    I have written that I had a bad dream right before that, I did not write down what it was, but I think I may still remember it. I was in my room and there was this guy who ran up to me with a cheese grater and tried to grate my face off or something o_O I woke up.

    I walk out of the car and I have my books and bag ready for school. I am in Russia (I was born in Russia but I do not live there anymore). As I am looking around, I see how much some of the things have changed but some things are still familiar. I think wow, I can't believe I am finally visiting Russia again, usually whenever I am visiting Russia, it is in my dreams. At this point I get pretty suspicious and realise that it is a dream. I am finally having a lucid dream!, I think. Instead of just standing around, I turn away from the car, do a small jump and will myself to grow wings (I wasn't feeling confident about flying without wings) and flew up. I see a forest that I've seen many times in my dreams (it is very beautiful and has different coloured trees) and start flying above it. I start losing control a couple of times but I am just really happy to finally get a lucid dream. I look ahead and see a city in the distance. I really want to visit it and explore the buildings - for some reason all these elements from my past dreams make me feel nostalgic. Unfortunately the dream fades to black and I wake up.
    This is a digitial painting of the forest I did after I had that dream.
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    1. JadeGreen's Avatar
      Wow! Sounds like a really successful and exciting first lucid dream. I like that you included a painting to go along with it, and don't worry about your confidence level, I'm sure you'll be more confident once you have a few more lucid dreams. But keep this one written down, the first LD is always one of the most memorable, no matter what happens in it. Here's to many more.
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    2. ThePerson's Avatar
      Thank you for your comment! I really enjoyed this dream, I am hoping to visit that forest again soon, it is very pretty.