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    Horse Racing And Giant Piles Of Crap

    by , 08-02-2013 at 11:20 PM (288 Views)
    Horse Racing And Giant Piles Of Crap

    This is a really old dream that I wrote down on my phone and now here.

    Dreaming - Lucid

    I am in a forest. I am Spike the dragon from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, and I'm holding a bottle of orange soda. I am trying to get the orange soda from one bottle to another but it isn't working. Suddenly Applebloom (a pony) comes out from a bush and tells me that it's her soda I'm trying to steal! I run into the forest trying to shake her off, but she's extremely fast. Luckily, so am I! I come out from the forest and appear to have lost her. I am myself again (real human me). I am standing on a slightly tilted green hill. It's very long and I see a couple of horses and horse racers a little further away from me. I approach them and they tell me that I'm supposed to race with them. I get on a horse and we race down the hill. There is a faster path in the middle of the hill but there's a giant pile of crap in the middle of it so I ride on the slow safe path instead. When we get down to the bottom of the hill I come in 3rd Place. We are at a little house with lockers and showers in it. But we realise that we can't go shower yet because some of the racers are missing. We get on a truck and ride all the way up the hill with our horses and find the missing racers at the start line. We figure we might as well do Another race while we are at the top of the hill. This time I want to win so I steer my horse into the giant pile of crap and take the fast path. It was a good decision because I came in 1st! Me and another racer go inte the locker rooms in the house at the finnish line and prepare to wash ourself or something. I open a locker and try to take of my gloves. I seem to have 1000s of layers. I can never get my gloves of because there's another pair underneath every pair. The other racer in the room is a girl and she starts to freak out at her locker for some reason. She slams the locker shut and goes over to me and tell me that she wants to give me a blowjob! I happily accept but she tells me that she can't do it in here, that she want's to go out. On the way out we meet Spike (the dragon that I was earlier in the Dream) and he tells us that we can climb onto the roof and sit on the McDonalds "M". We go out the backdoor and some dude is standing there refusing to let us onto the roof (what a cockblocker! Leave my Dreams alone!). Then I wake up.

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