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    Dreams, notes, and other experiments to assist in achieving high-quality lucid dreams on a regular basis.

    Reality Check (RC): Action used to evaluate if one is dreaming. Common methods include plugging the nose and testing whether it can be breathed through, as well as inspecting one's hands for irregularities compared to waking reality.

    Memory Lapse (...): Where memory ends for a given stream of consciousness. For example, going to sleep in a dream and waking up in the dream later with no recollection of the sleep.

    Dream Initiated Lucid Dream (DILD): Lucid dreaming type that originates from the dreamer regaining awareness from within a dream.

    Wake Initiated Lucid Dream (WILD): Lucid dreaming type that originates from the dreamer maintaining awareness from waking near-directly into a dream.

    Wake Back To Bed (WBTB): Sleep cycle interruption technique used to achieve lucid dreams.

    Blue: Denotes regular non-lucid dream recall.

    Purple: Denotes lucid dream recall (formerly Orange).

    1. Night of Sunday 12/3/23

      by , 12-04-2023 at 06:32 PM (Dreamlog)
      Musical Arms:

      I'm with my Mom, brother, and some others in a small music practice room.
      We are oriented specifically on the floor, sitting down.
      My Mom has me move to a slightly different position.
      I'm now near the front.
      We are playing music together. There was a specific tune.
      Mom is struggling to explain, so my brother, somewhat begrudgingly, helps her.
      I'm outside now, at a marching band visual rehearsal. I'm at the secondary parking lot from highschool where we used to rehearse.
      My blanket is stuck between some mud and cracks in the concrete. I'm trying to pull it free.
      ZW from highschool marching-band, is calling me out for being weak. I feel embarrassed.
      But somebody else behind me says that rotator cuff surgery is a serious surgery, so obviously weakness is expected.

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    2. Night of Saturday 12/2/23

      by , 12-04-2023 at 06:25 PM (Dreamlog)
      Seeing Guilt:

      I'm at a waiting area with my sister. Looks similar to an Optim-Eyes building.
      There is a girl my age there playing Pokemon Green on a gameboy.
      Later I'm at the girl's house.
      It's a bit dark, low lights. Somewhat gloomy feeling.
      She's showing me her Pokemon in the game.
      We kiss, and my sister sees it.
      I'm driving my sister and I home.
      I'm concerned that my sister will tell my girlfriend about the kiss.


      I'm at a spring-time college setting, somewhat similar to the campus from The Magicians.
      The 'popular kids' are playing tennis on a court nearby.
      I'm sitting on a bench and it deforms strangely to accommodate the way I am leaning on it.
      I'm watching a speech being given by a person on stage.
      The person is somebody I had met recently. He calls me out as his best friend in front of the crowd.
      It's night-time and I'm on an initiation mission. It's winter now.
      There is a target home I'm supposed to enter. I find it and there is a basement window from below.
      It's covered in snow but I can see it and begin to clear it, but the glass breaks.
      I see the Durselys from Harry Potter eating dinner in their dining room.
      They panic, thinking I'm a monster, elf, or something magical.
      Later I'm back at a base. Still the same winter night.
      The base is in a park lit by some torches. The torches show the Triforce insignia from The Legend of Zelda.
      Green Arrow from DC Comics is the leader of the group.
      He's calling out another member for messing up my mission.
      This individual has essentially set me up to fail.

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