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    Dreams, notes, and other experiments to assist in achieving high-quality lucid dreams on a regular basis.

    Reality Check (RC): Action used to evaluate if one is dreaming. Common methods include plugging the nose and testing whether it can be breathed through, as well as inspecting one's hands for irregularities compared to waking reality.

    Memory Lapse (...): Where memory ends for a given stream of consciousness. For example, going to sleep in a dream and waking up in the dream later with no recollection of the sleep.

    Dream Initiated Lucid Dream (DILD): Lucid dreaming type that originates from the dreamer regaining awareness from within a dream.

    Wake Initiated Lucid Dream (WILD): Lucid dreaming type that originates from the dreamer maintaining awareness from waking near-directly into a dream.

    Wake Back To Bed (WBTB): Sleep cycle interruption technique used to achieve lucid dreams.

    Blue: Denotes regular non-lucid dream recall.

    Purple: Denotes lucid dream recall (formerly Orange).

    1. Night of Wednesday 9/6/23 (Comp Night 6)

      by , 09-07-2023 at 05:13 PM (Dreamlog)
      Riding the Mountains
      I'm in a parking lot, leaving a grocery store. It's day.
      There is a man in his car parked nearby talking on the phone. He's arguing with someone about the price of apples.
      I remember working hard to get the math right in my head, but it comes slowly.
      He says that there are six apples with six servings at six dollars each divided by twelve, or something similar.
      It's night now and I'm approaching my car.
      The building has changed from a grocery store to something that reminds me of my Dad's friend's home remodeling business.
      I enter my car and start it up.
      I see my Dad outside the car he says "The weather here could be storming or worse, and it doesn't even phase you! You've got your windows down all the time!"
      I remember thinking something along the lines of "It's really hot where I live, storms aren't exactly an issue" but I don't think I replied.
      I start to drive away, but I have problems actually leaving the parking lot.
      I can't seem to orient the car to face the proper direction.
      I drive down a path leading behind the building to try and find a place to turn around.
      I do find one and finally re-orient the car. I have to nick the side of my car on a nearby electrical box to achieve this.
      Now I'm progressing along the path I came, but it is different.
      It goes up where it didn't before into a mountainous region.
      There is rocky tan-colored mud that is causing the car to slip and slide.
      It starts to cake onto my car.
      My perspective zooms out, and I'm watching my car go through crazy jumps and maneuvers through the mountains.
      The car eventually crashes and flips, so I am sent back to the beginning.
      It repeats the course but lands on its wheels this time.
      My perspective shifts again. Now's I'm standing, and the car is a toy that I can pick up.
      I do so and walk the rest of the way up the red rocks on the mountain.
      My Dad is at the top laying in a bed. He is surprised that I made it up here.
      The room we are in reminds me of the sky room from the bottom of the narrow concrete hole from the Game Grumps dream on 9/2/23.

      Recorded at 4:55AM, just after sleep cycle 4.

      Dancing in the Store
      It's my birthday, and we are in my childhood bedroom. I'm on the far end of the room (If you turn right as you enter and go all the way).
      There is an electrical outlet and it has a bunch of game system minis daisy-chained together with USB wires and ports.
      I can recall at least a PlayStation 2, but there were more of them.
      My brother and my friend D are on the other side of the room.
      A third person at the party is setting up some game for us to watch him play.
      He has two tablets, the second one folds and is acting as a keyboard for a laptop, while the top tablet is the screen.
      There are some pillows and armchair-pillows on the floor and we are all settling in to watch him play whatever this game is.
      The room now resembles my Grandma P's sitting den. I'm laying on the floor and I'm the last one up.
      We are driving to the store to get a cake.
      I get up to join the rest of the group in the car.
      I'm in a big white van, the one we just road-tripped on to go to Denver a few weeks ago in waking life.
      I'm opening the side door, and asking the driver to slow down so I can close it easily.
      The driver ignores that request, so I jump out and try to slam it shut as best I can as I jump.
      I land in the grass in a neighborhood. It's a sunny day.
      I walk past a man having a yard-sale. He has a bunch of tables he is trying to sell.
      As I walk by he says "Hey there! Whaddya think?!"
      I tell him "They look great! But I'm not in the market."
      He accepts this answer but seems a little disappointed.
      I keep walking and enter another open garage.
      I feel a bit guilty at first for invading, but then I realize that the building is kitted-out to be a store anyway.
      There are shoes covering the walls with tiny labels with prices on them.
      I'm not lucid, but I decide that I want to find a cute girl and dance with her.
      I start to clear out an area at the back of the store, moving TVs, chairs, and other furniture.
      As I do this, a mousey-looking girl with glasses shows up and starts to watch me.
      I realize she is watching, so I make a show about lifting the heavy things easily, and throwing them such that they flip and land right-side up.
      When I'm done, I tell here "We're going to dance!" and she agrees.
      While I don't know anything about dancing in waking life, apparently dream-me knows at least the basics.
      We dance for a while, and then the girl decides to reward me by getting on her knees.
      The store has changed into a work area. There are some tables with PC setups on them, similar to a computer lab.
      There's not enough room to comfortably place my legs.
      I'm working at my designated spot, but I sneak to a nearby one that I like better.
      Later on the tables are gone but there is a long-table in the center of the room.
      It now resembles more of a conference room than a computer lab.
      There is a TV on the wall everyone is watching.
      Some major news is happening. Feels like a 9/11 scale event.
      Former President George W. Bush is at the table among the group.
      A little girl at the table says "Why can't we just call all the Presidents dumb?"
      George W. Bush replies "Well, there used to be less of them, and now there are more and they are all stupid!"
      Which doesn't make sense, but the spirit of what he's saying is that things were better under him, of course.

      Recorded at 6:39AM, just after sleep cycle 5.

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