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    Autumn Comp: Targets, Point Values, and The Plan

    by , 09-06-2023 at 06:09 PM (148 Views)
    I want to give myself a quick reference for ways I can earn points in this comp and formulate a plan to maximize points. This will also help me visualize the plan start to finish while meditating, hopefully making it easier to remember while lucid. If all goes according to plan, this dream will yield a total of 106 points, shattering my previous record of 70 points. If I achieve the below I will create a new plan involving the other ways to get points. For now though, based on the below I will attempt to execute the following:

    Upon becoming lucid, I will reality check/stabilize (+1) and then teleport (+5) from wherever I am into a fantasy forest (+15). Then I will look for something to eat in the woods, preferably something sweet like cake (+10). Then I will find a cave and enter (+30). While inside the cave I will imagine my dream guide is inside it and find her (+15), and have a conversation (+15). My goal will be to have her give advice about how to create a persistent dream realm, and then execute on that (+15).

    Challenge Task
    Enter a Cave = 30pts

    3-Step Tasks
    Teleport(5pts) --> Eat/Drink(10pts) --> Summon(15pts) = 30pts

    New Goals
    Go to a fantasy-themed forest = 15pts
    Have a lucid conversation with my dream guide = 15pts
    Build a persistent dream palace in the forest = 15pts

    Persistent Dream
    Enter the same dream space more than once = 15pts

    Fight one or more enemies = 20pts
    Teammate takes you into their dream = 15pts
    Fight an enemy dreamer = 10pts
    Convert an enemy dreamer = 10pts
    Teammates teaches you something = 10pts
    Meet a teammate = 7pts

    Old Goals
    Make rain fall up = 10pts
    Make music play during the dream = 10pts
    Ask a DC to hangout = 10pts

    Library = 5pts

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    1. Ajanime22's Avatar
      Good plan.

      Try changing the tense from future to present.
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    2. theshirecat's Avatar
      Yeah good catch. If it is to be repeated over and over, it makes sense for me to be thinking about the plan in present tense. While re-reading this I realized it could be read such that I was just trying to win comp (which is a nice side-effect), but it is more than that. I'll add that while I want to do well in the comp primarily the goal is to have good lucid dreams. Points are just an easy way to quantify that.
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