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    Night of 6/27/23

    by , 06-28-2023 at 05:17 PM (151 Views)
    I was too tired yesterday to practice the incubation techniques. So I didn't get a forest. Maybe tomorrow.

    Pete is Gone
    My girlfriend has come home with a puppy. It's an aussie, the breed we've been considering for a while.
    We are in the living room by the couch playing with it.
    There is a particular puppy I've been watching online, Pete.
    Pete is black and white, with heterochromia. One eye is husky-blue and the other is dark green.
    I'd decided that this was the puppy I wanted (but couldn't get for logistical reasons).
    The puppy here is not Pete. This puppy has white and grey colors and black eyes.
    I'm happy to have a puppy finally, but I'm a bit sad that it isn't Pete.
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