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    Night of Friday 11/24/23

    by , 11-25-2023 at 07:46 PM (127 Views)
    Fall Town:

    I'm the new kid in a town. It's very orange with a fall theme. Falling orange leaves cover my view.
    There are rivers flowing alongside the streets, and I'm currently walking alongside one, following it to the end.
    I reach the end, and see that the road-rivers all feed into a larger river that people are tubing down. It looks really fun.
    I'm on a date with a ginger girl, but it isn't going well. She is upset about something.
    Later we have found an underground sewer area and we are exploring down there.
    It opens up to a labyrinth-like dungeon. There are narrow rooms and turns.
    We are being chased by tough-strong lizard men.
    I'm captured and I can't move. There is some sort of candy I've found and I try to use it against them.
    But the candy is used to control people, and it backfires.


    I'm in a large open polygonal space. It feels sort of like Tron aesthetically. It's a hub.
    There is a police-officer getting ready to have his first day in 'the maze'.


    I'm in a secret upper-alcove area with my Dad. It's similar to an attic, and has a bunch of computer screens giving off blue lights.
    My Dad talks to the other people there, and they decide that it is OK to reveal their plans to me.
    They give me a newspaper and I read about a bunch of conspiracy topics the turned out to be true.


    I'm working at the Krusty Krab, I might have been Squidward.
    I'm about to close the restaurant for the day. I need two people with two keys to activate the security system.
    The other person there is resigning, so I call for Mr. Krabs.
    He comes over, but tells me that he is also resigning.

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