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    Night of Friday 4/7/23

    by , 04-08-2023 at 08:59 PM (191 Views)
    Messing with Brother A
    I'm with my family on vacation at a hotel. We have a german-shepherd dog. Somebody is in the shower, and my sister M and I are playing a prank on them. We are on the floor, where there is a slit that goes into the shower. There is button that will startle the person showering. It's probably my brother A in there. We press it, and get a satisfying *YELP* from the inside of the shower. There's also a button that will slide a fake turd in the shower from the side. We haven't pressed this one yet. Dream feels positive, makes me miss my sister. Later I'm heading to the bathroom, but the german shepherd is in the shower. I tell the dog to get out and he listens. We're getting ready to go somewhere as a family but it is just my brother, sister, and my dad.

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