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    Night of Friday 9/22/23

    by , 09-23-2023 at 04:13 PM (178 Views)
    Went to bed around 11:30PM.

    New Life
    I'm with my family at a hospital. I recall Grandma P and sister-in-law K in particular.
    There is a glass viewing case that has the newborn baby girl in it.
    The baby is "K Junior". I bring my Grandma P over to make sure she gets to see the baby, and she tells me she already has.
    We are rushing down a hall, and at the end of the hall there is a room similar to the small band room from high school.
    There is a group assembled here. My friend H is part of it. I think the subject of the dream has changed at this point.
    H has a new girlfriend and it is an exciting mystery about who it is. There are other members of our friend group there too.

    Later I'm rushing outside to a car. It's a downpour of rain.
    I'm carrying my saxophone case. My Dad is driving the car.
    He won't pop the trunk so I can't put it away. I'm frustrated because he won't help me.
    It seems he wants me to bring the saxophone case in the car with me.

    Recalled from earlier in the night.

    Random Dancing
    I'm at a dance studio. It resembles the one my girlfriend and I went to a few year back.
    I'm with my friend H again and we are in a line leading to the front desk.
    I'm nervous because I'm bad at dancing.
    There is a screen behind the desk and it has a randomized list revealing who will be dancing with who.
    H is paired with someone else, and I don't recall who my partner is.

    Recorded around 7AM.

    I'm playing a Zelda game. It resembles Tears of the Kingdom. My girlfriend S is watching me play.
    We are in a lava-themed area. I'm currently fighting a tall monster.
    There is a new partner (similar to Navi, Tatl, KoRL, Midna, Fi etc) that has the ability to steal enemy weapons mid-strike.
    In a dramatic and exciting moment, I execute this ability just as the monster is thundering down a massive axe toward me.
    The axe gets a green glow (similar to how the ultra-hand works) and teleports to Link's hands. S thinks it is awesome. We're both excited about it.
    At that moment, the game slows down, and the background is red. The silhouette of Link holding the axe and the action lighting makes the moment all the more epic.
    I strike, the monster falls, I win.

    Recorded around 7AM.

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