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    Night of Monday 3/27/23

    by , 03-28-2023 at 04:01 PM (156 Views)
    I'm in a Costco-like building looking at standing fans with my girlfriend SB. We have been wanting a replacement one for the bedroom.

    I'm taking part in some race. It feels light hearted and reminds me of Mario Kart.

    McGonagall Deep Fries Nagini
    I'm going up the center staircase at Hogwarts. It a mixture of what I remember from the movies, and the stairwell at Salem Highschool. I'm being led by a staff member or adult. It might have been Mrs. Weasley. She's admitting that something is seriously wrong at Hogwarts. At this point I feel as is I don't belong at Hogwarts, but I've uncovered something.

    Later, I'm with McGonagall outside. It is raining. There are deep puddles in the field. We are in a small garden-like area. It reminds me of Grandma M's a little bit. There is a gutter-like stone structure in the ground. It has snake insignia on it. McGonagall inspects it and comes to a conclusion in her head. She leads me into the watery-puddle field, and follows the line of the snake-gutter. It leads to another gutter opening, where Nagini pops out aggressively and attacks.

    McGonagall casually casts a fire spell. It doesn't immediately engulf the snake. Rather, it paralyzes it, and it stops.

    Her job completed, McGonagall smugly puts her wand away and walks toward a river-like pond some meters over. She takes off her shoes and puts her barefeet in the puddle. I'm sitting nearby. In the distance, the snake bursts into a flame. The spell was a delayed flame effect. Voldemort appears on the scene by the snake in a black smokescreen.

    "I'LL KILL YOU!" he bellows at McGonagall from the distance.

    In a second he is on us. He has already cast multiple word-less spells, and they catch up to him seconds later. None of them land, or McGonagall deflects them. Not sure which.


    None of them land. I can't think of any other spells and then:

    "CRUCIO!" This shoots a jet of red light at Voldemort and it lands, but she shrugs it off like nothing. I start to wonder. If the spell works by "truly wanting to inflict pain on your opponent" maybe I could hurt Voldemort by focusing on the feeling of love and then casting the spell.

    I don't get a chance to try it. I've been murmuring in my sleep, and my girlfriend SB took that as a cue that I was having a nightmare. She wakes me up.
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