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    Night of Monday 4/8/24 (Comp Night 11)

    by , 04-10-2024 at 04:33 AM (48 Views)
    Swamp Assignment:
    I'm at work forwarding an email to my boss.
    Itís from another team. They are complaining that they have to buy a motorboat for the swamp assignment. They've already had to buy other swamp equipment like a bucket and want more budget.
    I'm concerned that my boss may have already been on the chain, and I might annoy him with making him see it twice. Also concerned about his jet lag.
    I'm in a grassy place in the wild all alone. There are tall reeds where I suspect there is water.
    There is a bookshelf with Harry Potter books. I look through them and notice that the book style doesn't have the colored metallic letters that I like.
    I see some girls nearby and wonder if they are Harry Potter fans.
    There are some shower-like areas nearby. They are built into a free-standing rock structure.
    I reason that we are meant to choose a book and go to the shower to read it.

    Chase sequence in a parking structure.

    False awakening where I cant open my eyes all the way. I notice some seductive princess themed merchandise on my side table. The wrappers are pink.

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