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    Night of Saturday 3/11/23

    by , 03-12-2023 at 06:51 PM (269 Views)

    Dream Fragment
    I'm back at J's playing board games. We're playing a tabletop RPG and my character's background is similar to Harry Potter's.

    Car Coyotes
    I'm driving down Joy road back at my hometown. There is a huge traffic jam, cars lined up, with police lights blaring in the distance. Not sure why. Maybe a crash? There's a barricade up further and, through the way the lines of cars have aligned, I can't help but driving directly to the barricade. I'm wondering what this is about when two coyotes start jumping and snarling up toward my window. I have my windows down about halfway because of my A/C problems, so the coyotes are just barely out of biting range. The police up ahead pay me no attention. I notice I have passengers. One small coyote manages to squeeze through the window crack and enter the car. My body has frozen up, so I can't react to the coyote or try to close the window so more don't get in. More get in. I start to worry about rabies. The other passengers are trying to get the coyotes out, but they are small and hard to track.


    Dogfight in the City
    I'm in a space dogfight in the city. My brother and I are on the same team. We are flying Arwings from the Starfox series. Sky is purple and dark. Might have been some green lightning. Epic type of scene. I need to fly into the repair bay to get fixed up after finishing the battle. Maybe it was the Great Fox. When I get in, I get radioed that the enemy has another sneak attack and they need me. They tell me I need to get into a different Arwing. I find one and start to takeoff. My view changes to 3rd person and now I'm flying the Millennium Falcon. Next thing I know the combat is completed and I'm chilling with my team in the foyer area of the main ship. I'm searching the fridge for some food. There is a couch opposite the fridge, and some friends are noting that they may have messed up where things are in there. While scrolling through the futuristic interface to get food, I see some raunchy art photos. I don't say anything and just scroll past them. I eventually move some shelves around and find some cheese stick and pretzel snacks.

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