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    Night of Sunday 1/14/23 (Comp Night 9)

    by , 01-15-2024 at 05:37 PM (148 Views)
    Onesie Catte:
    I'm with my friend D and my brother in my childhood basement bedroom.
    We are crowded around my computer, discussing going over to D's house.
    There's some concern that my sister M will feel left out.
    We're at an apartment closer to what modern day D's looks like.
    Something bad has happened and we are having a discussion in the living room.
    I'm feeling cold, so two of D's cats come over. One is wearing a onesie.
    I attempt to recall the names of his cats, but I can't.
    The onesie cat lays down on me and I feel warm.
    I'm walking outside, either to school or from school.
    The path doesn't seem familiar, rather, it looks like a summer version of the path from the movie A Christmas Story.
    There are a group of kids playing a sport off behind a fence on my left.
    The national anthem has started to play, and I sing along.
    Someone nearby gets on my case about not having my hand over my heart.
    While singing, I debate whether my allegiance should really be to the flag, given how the past few years have gone.
    I'm in a past living place. This time, a condo my family briefly lived in while our home was having work done on it.
    My Mom is there, and she is working on fixing the sound system on the entertainment center.
    She has no clue what she is doing. She's holding a speaker and trying to unfold some plastic wings on it.
    Without embarrassing her too much, I try to steer her away from the system with tact.
    I'm now playing Super Mario 64 on the TV with my family watching.
    There is some kind of new game plus, where the levels are slightly modified.
    I'm at the secret Peach Slide from the early game, and there is a group of coins spelling out "Congratulations!" or something similar at the start.
    Now the family is in the kitchen and we are discussing a movie we recently went to see.
    The kitchen is a mixture of the condo and my Great-Grandma's/Grandma M's.

    You have been visited by Onesie Catte. Say "Meow Meow Onesie Catte!" for good fortune.
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      awww, my cats would look so good in onsies
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