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    Night of Sunday 12/3/23

    by , 12-04-2023 at 06:32 PM (90 Views)
    Musical Arms:

    I'm with my Mom, brother, and some others in a small music practice room.
    We are oriented specifically on the floor, sitting down.
    My Mom has me move to a slightly different position.
    I'm now near the front.
    We are playing music together. There was a specific tune.
    Mom is struggling to explain, so my brother, somewhat begrudgingly, helps her.
    I'm outside now, at a marching band visual rehearsal. I'm at the secondary parking lot from highschool where we used to rehearse.
    My blanket is stuck between some mud and cracks in the concrete. I'm trying to pull it free.
    ZW from highschool marching-band, is calling me out for being weak. I feel embarrassed.
    But somebody else behind me says that rotator cuff surgery is a serious surgery, so obviously weakness is expected.

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